Fun with Hot Patterns Plain & Simple Pants

HotPatterns Plain & Simple Pants
I am really loving this pattern. I have had so much fun with it. I have never been satisfied with pants from the “Big 4”. By the time I get the crotch in the right place, closer to my crotch than my knees, I have to add 4 or more inches to the length and the curve never seems flattering. The Plain & Simple Pant is the second pattern I have used from Hot Patterns. I made the first pair from a lovely wool blend. I wanted city pants that would be comfortable and stylish and be worn with heels. They came out looking very fashionable. I was really impressed by the fit in the derriere, the waistband shape and location and the ease of assembly. There are no pockets, which works for me. If you wanted to a credit card/lipstick pocket could be sneaked in just below the waistline. I loved these but only got to wear them a short while because while the weather stayed cold enough to wear warm wool pants I managed to sprain my ankle playing soccer. As I never do things by halves (very puffy, black, purple, fading to green and yellow. Mmmm very attractive), any heels have been out of the question for 4 months.

While the first pair worked for heels they were quite wide at the hem. I now needed pants for flats and I get really tired of wearing jeans. I thought that a shorter pair would have to be narrower. I reduced the width by 3 inches at the hem. They also came out great. This is a nubby blue weave..I think cotton and silk.

We are going on a big tour of the UK and I didn’t want to take jeans. They are very bulky to pack and not always versatile. Glorious Fabrics supplied some more lovely fabric for my travel wardrobe. A cotton lycra, subtle, plaid, shot with a lurex thread was the first pair. I changed the zipper from the invisible to a lapped as I thought the fabric was too firm to handle an invisible zip. This fabric has a lot of stretch and caused me some difficulties during construction. The waistband pulled a bit which bugs me. They are comfortable and crisp and can handle a number of different tops.

The Ecru pair are perfect in every way. The fabric is a dream to work with and wear. I swear I could put them in my son’s lacrosse bag for a week and they would still not have a wrinkle. I had enough fabric left that I redrafted the pattern into a pair of shorts. I added about 1.5 inches to the width and chose a 10 inch inseam. They are lovely.

For the next project I had been looking for a brown linen or linen blend that wouldn’t wrinkle so much. Alas the linen didn’t work out but Ann found me a luscious, rich brown denim. I did shorts with a lapped zipper. Very stiff compared to the ecru fabric and without the stretch they feel much snugger. Like all denim they should “wear-in” nicely. I also made a jean-style jacket (Today’s Fit) which is very sharp. There was enough fabric left to also do a straight skirt so…..yes I did! My final adventure with the Plain & Simple Pants was to turn them into a skirt. I figured since I like the fit at the waistband and hip so much that I’d keep it for a skirt too. I am very pleased with all of these pieces. The jacket has a lot of that denim bulk so I will be wearing it on the plane. The skirt and shorts are small enough that they should pack well.

Well, that was an adventure!

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