We have arrived in Glasgow and successfully negotiated our car rental. Driving has been rather interesting. Thank goodness for roundabouts. We have been very Benny Hill or maybe Mr. Bean and rounding the roundabouts multiple times….which way…..which way …okay this way. It is working!

We took the lads to Much Ado About Nothing at the Botanic Garden. A lovely site! The play was very well done. Beatrice and Benedict were hilarious! Son#1 and Son #2 really enjoyed it! They were truly caught up in the story. It is such a fun, silly play. Then we fed them savory crepes. Crivens! What a great life!

Today we took a tour bus around Glasgow. University of Glasgow was established in the early 1400s. We went by a Cathedral built in 861, rebuilt in 1284!!Truly ancient. Everything is undergoing renovation. Boy I could make a killing renting scaffolding here. The areas that have been done look beautiful. Anything built in the 60s..that would be the 1960s is just plain ugly. They look like tiles stuck to cardboard. How they got away with it is beyond me when in the 1850s a factory was built and to get permission from the city to build it they made it look like the Doges Palace in Venice. It is exotically beautiful. The public transportation is excellent. Lots of buses, trains and taxis.

This afternoon we zipped out of the city and with less circuits around the ubiquitous roundabouts made it to Duchally Country estate.

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