The Duchally Country Estate is right next door to Gleneagles Golf Course. It is a lovely spot, even though it has rained and been chilly. When the sun comes out everyone rushes outdoors and walks around admiring the scenery and wild life….no, I think it would be domestic-life. Cows, Sheep, Chickens and Ducks. We went up to the neighboring farm (the fields can be seen from our window) this morning and bought carrots and new potatoes (only just dug up) and a lamb shoulder. The boys got to see first hand just how stupid sheep are. Son #1 was a bit worried when we explained what was going to be dinner but after some observation he decided that sheep really live down to their reputation.
The food is wonderful. The eggs taste really good and so did the roast chicken and the fresh vegetables. The resort is big into recycling and looking after the environment. In the afternoon we wandered through the tiny and quaint town of Auchterader. We are definitely getting the hang of driving although the narrow lanes are a bit knuckle whitening for the passenger as the driver tends to hug the edge of the road rather than the center. We were not so good at being pedestrians. Fortunately everyone was quite charming about our seemingly blythe trips into the traffic while looking the wrong way.

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