Family Fishing at the Derwent Reservoir


Family Fishing,
Baiting the Hook

Traveling from Willowford Farm on Hadrian’s Wall to Great Ayton we stopped to fish at the Derwent Reservoir. Fishing here is like it is everywhere else. There is the implication that you will be doing something but in reality there is time for a snooze and you won’t be having to mow the lawn. 
Family Fishing,
No fish were caught but a good time was had by all…except the rabbits. I have never seen so many carcasses on the road as the trip around the reservoir and then late in the afternoon, a pair of terriers surprised us all and certainly surprised the bunny by running it to ground and breaking its neck. Son#1 saw it all and was very impressed by the way the two dogs worked together with speed and stealth. Unlike a cat, they didn’t play with their prey either. They were very efficient and got the job done with a minimum of fuss and suffering.

Family Fishing,
I had a successful day ending up with a sketch of the two lads in a companionable moment.


family fishing

family fishing,

After fishing we made our way to Great Ayton. This is a lovely town that is south east of Middlesborough on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors. We stayed at Susie D’s B&B. It was charming! Sue directed us to the Royal Oak for a fabulous dinner. All in all a great place!





Family Fishing,

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