After Great Ayton we went to Whitby right on the coast. Unfortunately it was very foggy which did not do the town justice. It was charming none the less. Whitby is famous for its Jet. This is fossilized monkey tree wood that is very black. It is often beautifully carved.
From here we drove at high speed past everyone else (hey it gets boring driving behind the slowpokes!) over the Yorkshire moors to Thorton-le-Dale. This town won most charming English town. You can see why. It has cute thatched roofs, a little beck and beautiful gardens. Unfortunately it is also a very crowded English town with a large percentage of screaming children so we moved on to the Eden Camp.

Eden Camp is a former WWII prisoner of war camp that is now a museum and memorial. It chronicles all aspects of life during the war. It is excellent! They have gathered an awesome amount of information. Most of it shows a very personal side to everything from the soldiers to the women that worked on the farms to fill in for the men. The lads were as fascinated by the peoples’ stories as they were with all the weapons and equipment.

After Eden Camp we finished up in York. This is a very picturesque town, particularly in the center or Old Town. It has lots of classic Tudor style buildings that hand over the road.

Son#1 wanted a haircut….not colour!!

We went to York Minster. WHOA! It took 250 years to build it and it is beautiful. I think awe inspiring describes it very well. We elected to climb the tower. Talk about a tight fit. We went round and round and round and up and up and more up. Eventually we got to the top. What a view. There were many spots where one could imagine pouring boiling oil on and throwing various objects at the enemy. It is as beautiful on the outside as inside.
In the afternoon we went to the Royal Railway Museum. This was very good. I was disappointed that the Flying Scotsman was being refurbished. It was entirely in pieces in the workshop. The rest of the museum is huge with a turntable, a Japanese bullet train, some royal trains and a storage room full of a ton of cool railway stuff. It was really neat.

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