Blackberries, Bad News and a new toy arrrives

Blackberry Picking
This time of year the weeds that are blackberry canes give forth their bounty…reluctantly to be sure. This area is near our former dump with is now 8 soccer pitches. They are surrounded with walls of blackberry canes loaded with fruit. Over two days we picked more than 5 lbs for desserts. MMMM Blackberries and cream! What could be better. We all have a number of wounds from the battle but it makes the fruit all the more sweeter.

Janome 1000CP coverstitch machine
I have been thinking about one of these for a while. Knits are part of my style and I want them to look good. Serging is a big step in the right direction but doesn’t get me all the way there. The sewing for the trip to the UK made up my mind.

So here we are. I had to let it sit in my sewing atelier in it’s box and then on the cutting table with its cover on like introducing a new fish to a fish tank. Everyone had time to see there was a new face. Her it is in position beside its co-workers.

Bad News
My best friend and companion Hazna, the lovely Bernese Mountain Dog, has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. His Kidneys are failing. We are doing everything we can within reason but he refuses to eat which is….well it is bad. He is only 6 and we had been looking forward to several more years enjoying his companionship. We are all very sad and working hard to keep him as comfortable and happy as we know how for the short while he has left.

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