TIme for a Knock-Off

I saw this coat in an article in the Globe and Mail recently. I thought the sleeves were a marvelous feature. As I don’t have $5000 to spend ona coat, lovely as it is, I though I would see if I could create my own. I usually like a two part sleeve for coats and jackets. I though that might add too much complexity. The Simplicity 3562 from the Threads collection looked like it might do the trick. I also like the assymetrical collar on one of the versions.
Here is the first round of experiments

I chose not to duplicate the sleeve exactly as there were things that I didn’t entirely like. I traced the pattern pieces onto Monster paper to see how it would work

I think the bottom of each fold needs to be wider but the assembly works. I will look very different in the boucle that I am planning on using. I have also adjusted the jacket front and collar in order to have the assymetrical collar on the more tailored jacket with the set in sleeves.

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