Squeezed in a little sewing!

You’d think that when the weather is too nasty to be heading outside much that sewing would be easier but for some reason my sewing mojo always heads off somewhere (hopefully warm and with a margarita). I did manage to convince myself into the sewing room for a little adjustment of a pair of pants.

These were the first pair I made for the Hotpatterns plain and simple pants. While I like them they were a bit wide for my taste. I decided to make them bootcut instead.

I think my GAP jeans are the nicest proportion bootcut pants I have so I got out the tape measure and went to work. I measure the front pieces and back piece separately (so not just circumference). For these wool pants I added 1 inch to each measurement. I also ended up taking in the crotch a lot. This alone changed how I feel about these pants. Baggy crotch-itis is one of my pet peeves and with the excellent fit of the Hotpattern pants in the rear it is a shame that the crotch always seemed to have too much fabric.

They are now a flattering leg lengthening boot cut wool pant. The Murphy’s laws of sewing being what they are the invisible zipper, feeling neglected, no doubt, jammed and required replacement with a lapped, more cooperative, zipper.

Sometime later I sneaked in a quick faux wrap top. Neue Mode 23480 with sleeves added by me. Such pretty fabric!! Thanks Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics for such gorgeous fabrics!

This Sunday Son#1 and I are heading to France and Spain with 26 other soccer players. The boys will be playing matches against professional European teams. Your truly is the assistant coach. I am planning on running a separate blog for this trip.

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