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So the sewing mojo is still pretty elusive. There have been a lot of distractions. Keeper fought an infection since March…he is better now but drastic measures had to be taken. He is his very own episode of Dr. House so we are just enjoying each day with him because who knows what else will happen next.
There is a smallish muscle in the back of your knee called the popliteal. It does a really important job, apparently, and takes a hell of a long time to get better if you disrespect it. I spent weeks struggling just to go up and down stairs and hills. I had to be very careful at soccer because for a while anything more than a slow walk was tough. I injured it in late March and am only now getting back to normal. Needless to say there is now some weight to lose! What was funny was that my (brilliant!) physio decided that my glutes were too tight and I couldn’t squat low enough to properly rehab the knee. He stretched the glutes but then I was working in a range that I haven’t been able to since college. Wow did things get sore for a while. He also worked on my arthritic knee and it is working way better….who knew!

We have been doing quite a bit of gardening. We sacrificed the rhododendron in the front bed as it was badly damaged by our snowy winter. The other plants seem much happier. They were all hunching away from it and now it is gone they are all standing up tall. Here are some pictures of the back yard .

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  1. Your garden is lovely! I'd kill all the plants quite by accident! This year I"m growing a beautiful garden of weeds... I never got around to planting anything as my son was graduating and I was just too busy during the planting season.

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