June Garden

“Farmers fear unkindly May: Frost by night and hail by day! June just rains and never stops. 30 days and spoils the crops!” Flanders and Swann

We did have a sunny day Saturday so we got out and did the Tasmanian Devil routine on the gardens. The back garden needed a lot of tidy up pruning. We still have to get the ladder out and finish the big laurel hedge. Right now it has a mushroom cut. We put in a couple of weigilia by the deck to fill in some gaps. It is good to see the peonies blooming enthusiastically. There were supposed to be 4 dwarf peonies but clearly 2 are regular size. The impatiens are throwing out blooms and filling in nicely

The pots in the front are all coming along nicely. The lillys in the middle are very enthusiastic this year.

Last year we removed a huge rhododendron that had dominated the garden for years. In actual fact it bullied the other plants not allowing many to grow in its territory. We have gradually filled in the vast area left and have a more harmonious bunch of plants. The beaded iris did not bloom but are otherwise looking very healthy.

I found a Mount St. Helen’s azalea. It is a deep orange. Lovely!

The purple lupin is VERY enthusiastic. It will have to be watched to see it doesn’t try to step into the gap left by the rhody. At least it is a nitrogen fixer so give back to the garden.

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