Paradise island

Carol is not a SCUBA diver so we planned an excursion to Paradise Island. According to Del is is not an island because it does not have a tree. What it does have is 4 shelters where you get Cuba Libre and Sinta Libre (Rum and coke, and rum and seven up) and snorkel equipment. It is a sand spit with a reef all the way around it. The snorkeling was great the visibility was very good. It took about 90 minutes to drive there, then we got in speedboats (after a break for Cuba Libre or sintra Libre ) and zipped out to the island about 2 miles. After the snorkeling we had lunch then drove back , in a bus because there was more rum with lunch, and stopped at a cigar factory. Happily one can get cuba libre without the cuba which is much nicer to drink when you consider that you are snorkeling 2 miles from shore surrounded by many others who have been liberally Cuba-ing their Libre.

Cigars are complicated. The two guys doing the creating and rolling make about 500 cigars a day. Knowing nothing about cigars I enjoyed learning about the different leaves, strengths etc. Bottom leaves, middle leaves and top leaves all have different purposes and flavors. Smoking one was interesting. The nicotine effect is much more subtle than a cigarette and quite pleasant, but my mouth still tasted like I had licked out a fireplace.

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