SCUBA is always a pleasure. Even though Del got attacked by tiny yellow jelly fish. Fortunately they have the lotion on the boat. With my new hood and my full wetsuit I am less at risk for a jelly fish encounter. Lots of people were getting stung. They hurt and welt up quickly but are not much worse than bee stings once you get the lotion on.
Visibility is rather poor due to the storms last week but we are in for clear weather and it should improve.

Today’s diving was excellent. There was so much wildlife and beautiful coral. I can not wait to post the pictures. Alejandro was our dive master and he knows all the hiding places. There was an octopus tucked away in a hole and a porcupine fish (?). There were some other cool ones we have to look up. The best, best, best absolute bucket list of diving moment were the seahorses!!! The second one was easily 5 inches long. He must be quite old. I hope the photos come out. I was so excited. This photo is of mermaid treasure that appeared on the reef while we’re were diving. I guess she lost it as she swam by.

It was my turn to get kissed by a jelly fish. I got caught just above my lip and on the cheek. A very strange sensation. The treatment is basically straight ammonia but it works. Del Suggested it was free plastic surgery to puff up my lips. Doesn’t last though.

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