Chalk paint revives furniture to make a boring chest of drawers and bedside table into

French Provincial elegance.

chalk paint revives furniture,
I purchased this chest of drawers and bedside table on Craigslist. The pieces are covered in wood veneer with plastic decorations. They are good quality and all the joints are solid. Here is the original color. Not unattractive but the tops are pretty beaten up. So…..
chalk paint revives furniture,
chalk paint revives furniture,
decorative medallions

The first drawer painted, waxed then patina wax worked in. 

I used Fat Paint Parchment, clear wax then patina wax. Patina wax is a dark wax and should be used with caution. I used a brush to put on the patina then worked it back off with a clean brush and a rag. 
You can get Fat paint at They have dozens of retailers across North America. I appreciate the quality of all their products. chalk paint revives furniture,

Once the pieces were painted and waxed the drawer pulls looked amazing.

You hardly noticed them on the original pieces but now they pop. This is not a process you can rush if you want elegant results. Working the layers and gently sanding for a distressed look then working the wax on to give the piece dimension all takes patience and a light hand.
chalk paint revives furniture,
chalk wax revives furniture,

Finished! Chalk Paint revives furniture, indeed!

The lighting is poor (sorry) but you can see the variations in the dark wax which gives a bit of the French provincial style color variation. The drawer pulls are so much prettier now they aren’t lost against a dark finish. It took a lot of elbow grease to get the patina wax blended but it was worth the hard work!

6 Replies to “Chalk paint revives old furniture. Give a tired bedroom set new life.”

  1. I was thinking the drawers would be dark and that you could draw on them with chalk! I love this color! Reminds me of vintage French decor or something. Great job!
  2. i absolutely love furniture makeovers like this! i just paid someone to do this to a desk for my niece's bedroom -totally should've done it myself lol.
  3. Wow this came out really well and the coverage is good. This piece now looks chic and tasteful, would love to do something like this too.

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