FSg 1963 wool coat, www.moderngillie.com

Sewing distractions get in the way of my FSG 1963 wool coat assembly

Continuing to assemble my wool coat

I guess they are not really distractions as I am still sewing.

FSG 1963 wool coat, www.moderngilie.com

The sleeves are in. The instructions with FSG 1963 are very good about putting in the sleeves with a wool header to give the sleeve cap shape.

FSg 1963 wool coat, www.moderngillie.com

The Chinese wedding pocket is straight from Threads 63. It’s is very soothing to create the pocket edge decoration.

Oliso Smart Iron

 Coat Assembly: Hand stitching is the hallmark of a couture garment

I stitch the coat and sleeve hems by hand and attach the linings by hand also. These can be done by machine but I prefer the look, the hang of hand stitched. All that remains is top stitching and button holes.

Alas distractions

The distracting projects have been making Pillow cases for a friend’s massage therapy. Bartering for massages. And clothes for Sasha dolls.
Sasha doll, www.moderngillie.com
Sasha Doll, www.moderngillie.com
I lined the bodice and hand picked the under stitching at the neck.

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