wall repair, www.moderngillie.com

There is more to life than sewing! Wall Repair


Say what ? More to life than sewing? Wall repair

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It’s true. Sometimes there are little jobs to do. During an impatient teenage need to rearrange his room a bookcase fell over in son#1’s room I have been procrastinating but one of the things I promised myself recently is that these jobs will have a start date and not get put off.

Wall repair, www.moderngillie.com

This is the hole after I cleaned it up with my dremel and its drywall bit. #love my toys
I was lucky to have a stud on one side. It gave me a stable place to start.

wall repair, www.moderngillie.com

Next, using liquid nails and paint stirrers, I created some support for the new piece of drywall.

wall repair, www.moderngillie.com

Then I measured and cut the new piece.

wall repair, www.moderngillie.com

Shaping the original hole and cleaning it up made cutting the new piece easy. Then I applied (blobbed) liquid nails on the paint stirrers I glued in earlier, as well as the stud and carefully placed the patch. Now the glue dries.


I don’t claim expertise in this stuff but it’s good to be able to take care of things yourself. The wall has texture so I suspect it will be impossible to match it exactly.

Next spackle.

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