Lutterloh pants – mens

I have a love hate relationship with Lutterloh. Sometimes they are brilliant and other times -not so much. Last year I made a pair of white linen pants for son #2. They came out great with very little tweaking despite him being heavy and carrying quite a bit of weight in his belly.  Working with the white fabric was like making a wedding dress. I had to clean every surface, wash my hands every 15 minutes and be very careful with the tailors chalk. 

Son #1 put in a request for pants with a little stretch.  I picked up some great clearance pant fabric with some stretch. I am doing more sewing for my kids now then when they were little. I am not using the same Lutterloh pants pattern I used for son #2. This one is narrower, no front darts or pleats with a jeans style pocket. 

With Lutterloh you start with a tiny pattern that you enlarge using their special tape measure. 
For pants you use the hip measurement in centimeters and put a push pin in the corresponding hole. The pin then goes In the center of the cross mark on the little pattern picture. Then rotate the measure marking the pattern paper at the numbers (length on the measure) given on the pattern. 
You end up with a pattern of the correct size. I always double check the waist because sometimes it ends up too small. 
This is the muslin. If I don’t have to mess with it too much it should be wearable. I’ll baste it up for a fitting. 

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