Lutterloh Mens Pants continued

Muslin assembly and Fitting

The pockets and the pocket pieces on the Lutterloh pattern need to be checked and adjusted if they do not match. I made a couple of adjustments so the curve on the pants and the curve on the pocket lining matched.

The pockets came out nicely and I under stitched the lining then top stitched the edge. 
I was asked on Facebook if the Lutterloh patterns require many adjustments. In this case no.  I made an initial waist adjustment to match Son#1’s waist measurement. The only other adjustment necessary was in the seat where Mr. Skinny Britches was not as generous as the pattern. 
This alteration definitely needed to be made at the CB seam and not the side seams. When I pinched out the side seams the pant legs developed creases whereas when the excess was pinched out at the seat all the fit remained true. 
The pants are currently basted together and will be disassembled in order to do the fly. I use the method in Threads 75. Note: in the method there is no separate waistband so I added the necessary amount to the pants pattern when I cut out the pieces. 

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