Freeze Butter,

Freezing butter. How I save time and money.

Do you Freeze your butter?

Freeze Butter,

freezing butter, www.moderngillie.comThis is a deeply personal question. Do you freeze your butter?  I do. That’s how I store it. Butter from Costco is significantly cheaper that butter from the grocery store. I keep a couple of pounds in the freezer so we don’t run out and I have extra for baking.

One of the problems of freezing a pound  of butter is only half a pound fits in the butter dish. Until today I have chipped the frozen pound in half to get a lump about the right size. Frozen butter is not particularly cooperative in this regard. 


Here is my freezing butter solution: 

freezing butter, www.moderngillie.comCut the pound in half
freezing butter, www.moderngillie.comWrap in heavy duty aluminum foil
Label and freeze.
Now I only have to thaw the size butter lump that fits in my butter dish. 


Simple! Why did it take me this long to think of it? 



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