At the suggestion of a friend I am keeping a journal of this transformative event. At 52 I am considered young to have a knee replaced until the severity of the original injury when I was 20 is understood.  I am young and that’s my point. I should be able to do so much more than I am currently capable of. I don’t expect to be able to run but ride my bike, do some hot yoga, walk the dogs everyday and explore a city without relying on codiene. 

I decided in May 2015 that I had had enough of this knee. I thought I was looking at a much longer time line. Several years at least but it went amazingly fast. Just over a year since I made the decision to pursue this!
Today was pre op tests, meetings and class. The anesthesiologist was a lovely woman. Very funny.  She was born and raised here. Her comment on Vancouver was “any city that needs to keep reminding everyone it’s a world class city is not a world class city”. So refreshing to meet a Vancouverite that does not think Vancouver is the center of the universe. 
I wish I could show you one of the X-rays.  It shows how collapsed the joint is and how out of line the leg becomes. The femur and the tibfib make a 15 degree angle.  Imagine how that must pull so many muscles and ligament out of alignment. Happily my left leg looks good. 
I have been taking Zija’s Supermix, 1 packet daily for 8 weeks. The result have been outstanding. Significantly increased energy, much better quality sleep, virtual disappearance of the daily fibromyalgia ache and weight loss.  I can’t think of any negatives. I will take the Supermix until the day of surgery and start again when I get home.  The expected stay is 2 nights. I may double up and use 2 packets a day. The nurse was insistent that we stop dieting at this juncture as we need to prepare our bodies to heal with good nutrition. Yay Moringa oelifera for that job. I decided that rather than add the calories back with just more food I would add some coconut oil to my daily intake I don’t deliberately cut fat in my diet but it tends to be low fat and increased fats improves healing. 

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