1 week to go. It is very distracting. I can’t focus on anything creative. So…I’m taking care of all the little chores that need to be done and don’t require creativity. You know.  Those thingies that hold the screens on the windows that get broken.  Requires more of the thingies and a screwdriver. Next came the leather furniture. Rag and leather cleaner and they look pretty good despite dogs and cats using and abusing them. Next The Craft Trunk. Yes we have a trunk. Not a box or a crate but a trunk and it was packed.  One artistic kid,  one enthusiastic kid, and one artistic parent leads to the necessity of a trunk.  I threw out all the dried paint, paint kits for little kids and discarded partially finished projects. Now its half empty with the bag of multi sized pompoms because they could become little animals with the glue gun I found at the bottom. I also found 3 watercolor pads!!! Creativity later! 

This reminds me of being pregnant the first time. Lots of people have done it successfully but I have no idea how it’s going to work for me.  People say the pain was awful, the pain was not bad, physio was great, physio was terrible. It goes on and on.  It’s hard to prepare when you don’t know how it’s going to go. I can only do what they recommend and guess the rest.
At least the medical community are not such morons about pain meds the way they were when Del had his shoulder surgery (1986). I take it back, not all the medical community.  Dr. Lenzner was pissed at the nursing staff for making Del wait for his pain meds when he was clearly in pain. He had written the orders so that they could give them to him when needed, but they chose to ignore that part of the order. Too much work I guess. These days there is a device that the patient controls that lets you stay on top of the pain.  

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