Last day before surgery.

new knee,
She doesn’t look worried!

I have given complete freedom to my inner control freak. I’ve cleaned and organized. The dogs and cats are covered from breakfast to dinner so I don’t  The dogs and cats are covered from breakfast to dinner so I don’t have to worry. [bctt tweet=”Good neighbors are a blessing. ” username=””]

I know the forced inactivity is going to drive me nuts so I have tried to find all the projects and chores that would have me gimping up and down the stairs and get them done now. That way I can do the resting and healing while binge watching some tv without those nagging chores.  I’m saving up the episodes of Preacher and Masterpiece Mystery; then there is Netflix. Awesome! 
Part of the pre-surg prep is the apple juice protocol.
The anesthetists want us to carb load with clear fruit juice. 16 oz before bed and another 8 oz 1 hour before check in.  Now, I was asked during one of the several meetings on pre-surg day how many time I get up in the night to pee.  I don’t since I’ve been taking Zija’s Supermix I hardly ever even wake up during the night,  but I also don’t drink half a litreof juice before bed! Who wouldn’t be needing a trip to the loo in the wee hours after that much liquid? 
new knee,
Pretty in Pink!

Here are the surgery nails.  Clear on the nail beds as required. Toenails are (gasp!) naked! 

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