Post Surgery

The surgery went well. My memories are fuzzy which is good. The only thing I really remember during it was the sound of someone banging in railway ties. “TING, TING”. I don’t know what was going on and don’t feel the need to know. 

Prep was very calm. Lots of cleaning to reduce infection risk. The coolest was sterilizing my nose. Apparently, our noses are germ factories or at least hosts and using methylene blue and red laser they sterilize the inside. 60% reduction in post-op infections. I’m not saying no to that!
The surgical suite looked like a very clean machine shop with a gurney in the middle. We had a team pre-op meeting and I was part of the team, not the object. Everyone was really nice, answering all my questions (can the leg be as straight as a leg with a normal joint? Yes) and calming my fears (I pass out at the sight of my own blood, not any blood, just mine). 
All in all a positive experience. 

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