Knee treatment after surgery

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since I was in surgery. I have made so much progress.  I gave up the walker for a single crutch on day 1.  Now I use the crutch outside the house but I need it less and less in the house.  I can stand on my right leg alone with just a finger on something for stability. 



I noticed yesterday that while I can’t squat very far,  the part of the joint that moves through the motion used to be one of the nasty crunchy, grunchy bits and now it’s smooth. [bctt tweet=”What a joy! It is not possible to ask the question – is the pain and discomfort worth it? It’s already been proven to be! ” username=””]
I have been icing multiple times a day and working on my physio homework. This has been frustrating as they scare you with the need to get the maximum straight position and maximum bend before it scars wrong.  I want maximum in both directions. It’s the only acceptable result for going through the pain. 
Yesterday I totally overdid it based on the pain at the end of the day.  Bad!! But by the end of the day I was stronger and more stable after all the crutching and stairs so there was a big upside. When one has a day like yesterday it is very important that rest be the primary objective the following day so that the benefits can lock in and healing can continue.  

knee treatment, www.moderngillie.comOne of yesterday’s appointments was with my marvelous chiropractor for red laser therapy. More to come on this. 

knee treatment, www.moderngillie.comThe shoes! So happy!  After seeing the half body X-ray where my right leg was at such an angle compared to the left I thought that all my old shoes would be imprinted with the aspects and issues of the malformation. New shoes for the new knee.  There were some grey sneaks but …well… Who could resist the fun of these ones? 

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