One of the therapies I have chosen to hasten an effective recovery is red laser light therapy.

laser therapy,

As a scientist I abhor conclusions based anecdotal information but as this is my knee that is what I am going to relate. There are studies showing the effectiveness of this treatment which can be Googled.

Red light therapy used light in the infrared range. The light warms the tissue and is thought to activate the cell’s mitochondria leading to increased cellular activity which increases healing and reduces swelling and pain. It is considered particularly good for soft tissue injury.

laser therapy,
There are three stages to a treatment: red light, infrared, and the probe. The first two are on a flexible band the last is a focused probe the operator directs to particular areas.
It’s painless and relaxing. It’s also an opportunity to chat with Jerry, my chiro, who is a great guy.
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My first experience with this was some years ago.  I had just sprained my left ankle for the third time. Playing soccer, of course! I do not do things halfway so the ankle was swollen and draining blood, through the tissue,  into my toes.  I am assured that I have now,  managed to tear everything, the three big ligaments that hold my foot on, and there is nothing left to sprain. I had gone to visit my chiropractor with one of the boys.( Almost certainly a sports injury for them too.  
Jerry, the consummate professional that he is, wanted to know why I was limping. When I explained he got excited and told me about this machine he had just brought home (been talked into) at a conference. My first thought was “total snake oil!”. Being me I said so politely. He said that he thought so too but the demos and the numbers they gave were compelling….and he had a 90 day money back guarantee. I agreed to be a guinea pig. It couldn’t possibly make the ankle worse.  
12 hours after the treatment the swelling was only 50% of what it had been!! Having done this twice before I was well aware of the progression of a sprain and this was unprecedented. I went back for more and was able to rehab the ankle more effectively that either previous injuries. I was sold! 

One of my earliest plans, when I decided to get my knee done, was to have the red laser therapy in an effort to regain and improve mobility quickly. After the first session, the was noticeable improvement. The next session is tomorrow.

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