First big walk with a new knee

Today I did my first big walk. 4000 steps to the bank and back. No dogs. They were pissed. They will have to wait until I’m steadier. It went well. I took my cane but never had to lean on it. It was such a lovely day and it was so good to be out. If I’m not too sore I want to do this every day.

After the walk I did my physio homework. The knee was not noticeably looser after the walk which surprised me. I did very carefully stretch all the leg and back muscles. My hamstring is tight and weak. I shouldn’t be surprised as it hasn’t been used much for years.
Sleep is improving. I changed strategy. Instead of taking very tiny amounts of narcotic I started taking a dose before bed that nearly zero’d the pain. That allows for restful sleep for about 4 hours then I only need a small dose to get through the rest of the night. The knee is so much better after every restful sleep and I only need Tylenol Arthritis during the day.
Everyday it’s a new knee and almost always a better knee.

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