This week I am 8 weeks post new knee.  Physio is going well.  Strength is coming.  The hamstring is the weakest.  I have 119 degrees of bend and a couple degrees short of perfectly straight.  I have some bad habits to break so that I walk with a full stride and not the foreshortened one I had for years due to the inability of the leg to straighten.

Got an A from my Surgeon!

Total knee replacement. www.moderngillie.comI saw my surgeon this week. He was very pleased with my progress.  There were patients there that were 4 months out from surgery who did not show the progress I have.  It’s all about being committed to the physio.  He said that I was probably still at the point of not being happy with him.  I guess it because there is swelling, some pain, the knee is hot and has a click.  All these things are normal.  I told the surgeon that I was happy from the first week. I had already noticed how smooth the joint moved at that point.  He was really happy to hear that.
total knee replacement, www.moderngillie.comFull recovery with 100% muscle strength will take a year.  I’m good with that.  Yesterday I rode my stationary bike for 10 minutes then hit the heavy bag for 10.  The knee was WOW. even though the knee is not 100% it responded completely differently than before the surgery.  I am pumped.  Today walked the dogs at the creek.
Total Knee Replacement post-op,

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