First, a shout out to Zija for their Ignite pre workout support. I chug it about 20 mins before I hit the bike and wow!  ( I’m not crazy about the taste but once it hits my system I don’t care) It’s not just an energy boost. I feel like I’m performing better and riding for fitness not just physio. It’s not just caffeine and sugar. There is science behind the ingredients for better performance.  #ignitemezija. Check it out here. 


bike on stationary trainer
I spun for 35 minutes. I did a three very short hill climbs out of the saddle in big gears. The knee is only now able to tolerate standing in the pedals, so I am not pushing the time out of the saddle.
The last 10 minutes I dropped to lower gears, to protect the knee, but kept the revolutions high.
cycling computer
 So why 35 minutes? That’s the length of time it takes to deplete your blood sugar and cause the body to start gluconeogenisis. That would be turning glycogen stored in your liver and muscles back into glucose. I’m sorry I do not have a citation on hand for this.
I’m not ready to ride outside because the pivot motion necessary to release my foot from the clip is still very difficult on the right side.

Pedal clip.clipless pedal

There is still swelling in the knee but it looks very good. It’s much smaller than the pre-surgery knee. It’s such a pleasure to be able to ride again. It’s great cardio and can develop good leg strength and is easy on the joint. When the knee got so tight from the arthritis that I could not ride it was a huge fitness setback.

 Ice that new knee!

After the ride…. Stretch!! And Ice!!icing knee

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