Handmade Sweaters by Expert Machine Knitters

My mother is a knitter. For years she was a hand knitter but graduated or switched to machine knitting. Unlike hand knitting this is not a transportable hobby but turns ot some beautiful items. My personal favorites are the baby blankets where she has the machine stiches spell out the word “baby”. The best part is the blankets look like heirlooms but are hard wearing and can be washed in a regular wash. Mine were repeatedly exposed to food, in various stages of digestion,  and a variety of bodily fluids and always came out of the wash looking like new. They make great gifts!

Handmade Sweaters for Underprivileged Children of Vancouver.

Recently she and members of her knit club started making sweaters for the underprivileged children in Vancouver. The ladies donate yarn from their stashes and their time and skill and turn out dozens of sweaters in various colors and sizes. To make these sweaters extra special Christmas gifts one of these talented ladies does machine embroidered designs on the fronts.
I don’t knit….well I can but its a clown show.
I do machine embroidery so I volunteered to do some of the sweaters.

www.moderngillie.com, hand knitted sweatersHere are a few from the bag. As you can see the ladies, intelligently, leave the sides open which makes hooping much easier.

I use this SMB Always thread and it is excellent!
I like designs from emblibrary.com, urbanthreads.com and a few of the built-in ones from my Brother PE-780D.

www.moderngillie.com, machine embroidery designThe Disney designs included with the machine are particularly good and stitch out beautifully. Here is a really cute one I did today

Stabilizers are the key!

To get a good quality result I have found that using a cut away stabilizer on the back and wash away stabilizer on the front is the way to go. I have found medium strength for both works well. The area of the sweater is not too firm to wear comfortably, but the knit is supported so there is no stretching of the embroidered design. In this picture of Minnie, the wash away stabilizer is still in place. The stitches don’t get lost on the depth of the yarn and are nice and crisp. All the sweaters are washable and once I have them done I will run them through the gentle cycle.

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