When we bought this house it was perfect for the simple oak mission style furniture. I was lucky enough to find all the pieces I wanted including bar chairs and coffee table with matching end tables.
This end table suffered a spill of something that removed the finish! This something was the liquid from a plug-in air freshener. Needless to stay they are no longer in use. What was I evaporating into the air and breathing that would remove polyurethane?  The bar chair has accumulated some scratches that need a little TLC.

Furniture repair for damage that happens.

sscratched on mission oak bar chair

Sanding is vital for a good result.

After lugging them into the garage the first step is sanding. I love sanding! I use my trusty Black and Decker orbital sander with coarse grit sandpaper to start and then 180 grit after  I have removed the finish. The larger the number on the paper the finer the grit. The number reflects the number of particles per inch.
On the chair I left most of the finish and just took off the shine. I put a bit more effort into the scratched area.
For the table I took off all the finish because I didn’t want to risk the spill outline showing.

I used Minwax Polyshades in Royal Walnut. I was tempted to use their Mission stain but in the hardware store it looked very red. There is always the option to sand it off and try a different color if Royal Walnut is not the right color.


The stain/finish goes on very thin. I use a foam “brush” but I have no problem using a regular brush either. I like the foam one because they are disposable. Patience is a virtue as the wait between coats is at least 8 hours. I sanded well with 300 grit paper between each coat and wipe off all the dust. This is what gives a professional finish.
2 coats. Nearly the right color.
It needs to be a bit darker.
The scratches are barely visible. There is some mottling which I was tempted to sand down but people will be sitting on this so I’m not going to worry.


I did three coats on the table top. I bought the glossy version of the Royal Walnut because the satin finish looked very matte in the store. Over the years the furniture has developed a patina that is not really satin anymore. However, the gloss is very glossy so I did one more light sanding and finished the pieces with a Varethane satin finish that I like.

I am very happy with both of these. In the lower light of the house the mottling on the chair is not noticeable and the two end table are identical. No more plug in air fresheners for us!!

 Furniture repair,

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