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8 New Machine Embroidered Sweaters for the Kids

Cut Away Stabilizers for Machine Embroidery on Hand Knits

cut away stabilizers

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In my previous post on Machine Embroidery on Sweater Knits, I didn’t discuss the stabilizer I used on the back of the sweater. As far as I knew it was the right one for the job. I used Superpunch 3.0 Cutaway. ( Cut away 3.0 oz White 15″ x 25 yards roll. SuperStable Embroidery stabilizer)
(I am very excited that this brand is available from Amazon because I think it is very good!)

I was very pleased with the quality of the embroidery on the sweaters. However, one of the contributing knitters complained that the back of the design was rough. It was suggested that I should use a different, lighter, stabilizer. I’m willing to give anything a go but my understanding is the less stable your fabric the more stable your stabilizer needs to be. Hence my choice of SuperPunch 3.0.

smaller machine embroidery designs, www.moderngillie.comI have Sulky Soft and Sheer Cut Away Stabilizer.( Sulky 12-Inch by 11-Yard Soft and Sheer Cut-Away Permanent Stabilizer Roll) This is an excellent lightweight mesh-type stabilizer. Recommended for heavier more stable knit fabric. I decided, in an effort to make my critic happy to use this. In order to limit any problems such a light weight stabilizer might cause I chose smaller designs from my Brother PE-780D.


Smaller machine embroidery designs still add a nice touch.

machine embroidery green sweater

This is a very elegant design. The front is supported by a wash away stabilizer (H2O “Eau” Gone White FSL 15″ x 25 yards roll. Wash n gone – wash away – SuperStable Embroidery stabilizer). On the back of the sweater, you can see the lightweight mesh. This combination supported this low-density design well. I am still concerned that there won’t be support for stress on the design from wearing the sweater.

Super cute Disney machine embroidery design from PE-780D

Disney machine embroidery design

This is a really cute Disney design that is included with the Brother PE-780D embroidery machine. (The Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery-only machine with built-in memory, USB port, 6 lettering fonts and 136 built-in designs is essentially the same machine without the Disney designs) This design is fairly small but high stitch density. If you look closely you can see where the stitching is a bit uneven. This is particularly noticeable in the red of the third duck’s shirt. I believe this is due to the light stabilizer. Was that back of this design less rough than the earlier version? I don’t think so. The stitches create the rough surface rather than the stabilizer.

I didn’t think the texture on the inside of the sweater would be an issue as kids wear t-shirts under their sweaters. Don’t they? If they don’t then there is a solution. There are low heat iron-on tricot interfacings that could be used to cover the back of the machine embroidered design. Superpunch offers SuperStable Cloud cover White 12″ x 10 yards roll. Embroidery stabilizer specifically designed to cover the backside of designs.

I didn’t plan on another sweater post but this has been an interesting exercise in problem solving and the consequences of compromise. I hope this is valuable for problems you may run into with your own creations.

machine embroidered sweaters

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