The finished wool coat.

wool hat, www.moderngillie.comWinter is upon us with unusual enthusiasm, this year. I made this coat to wear in Toronto where is is usually much colder than here (North Vancouver). I was pleased to get this coat out and wear it here.

It occurred to me that I have committed the unpardonable sin of not finishing my posts about this coat and never posted about the finished item.

Previous coat posts:

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And…here it is the Finished Coat

Here it is. The finished wool coat. Lovely and warm. Lined with Bemberg lining and plenty warm enough for here or Toronto.
FSG 1663 wool coat,
To complete the ensemble I made a matching hat. I put the link to the blog with the pattern below.

Love this coat

I am in love with this coat. It is so warm and elegant. When we were in Toronto last February we went to a restaurant before we went to see “The Marriage of Figaro”. The hostess checked our coats and there was a whole rack of black coats and then there was mine – unique. The hostess was a very stylish young lady and she declared that it was saucy. I can work with that. (it probably shed white wool all over the black coats but that’s just too bad)

wool hat,

The pattern for making the hat is here .

I am very happy about how this coat turned out. The little flaws are learning experiences and do not detract from this stylish garment.

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10 Replies to “Finished FSG 1963 wool coat.”

  1. Omg you are so talented! This coat and hat look store bought! I wish I could sew like you but I am terrible at it so I don't think my coat would come out like yours even if I tried really hard! LOL Anyways, I really like that color on your and the matching hat is perfection! ~Crissy
    1. Crissy, thank you! When I decided I wanted to sew the kind of clothes I couldn't ever afford to buy I found some good teachers. Craftsy is a great place to find some sewing classes.

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