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I saw a video recently on Paw Wax. I was intrigued. It is a very cute video on You Tube here.

I have two dogs and while most of our walks are on trails we do have to walk on the roads to get there. Then two friends mentioned that Paw Wax is recommended for winter protection from ice and salt. I decided I needed to be fearlessly DIY and make some.

Making Paw Wax is a quick project!

It takes longer to gather the necessary materials and find containers than it takes to make the Paw Wax.

I used

4 oz beeswax

4 Tbsp Coconut oil

4 Tbsp Almond oil

4 tsp Shea butter

paw wax, www.moderngillie.comA few drops of essential oil. I used Lemon and Rosemary. I only used a little because dogs have very sensitive noses compared to us humans.

I happened to have all these around the house already. My mother kept bees when I was young so I have beeswax tucked away.

Essential oils can be ordered on my Zija website. Go to the shopping cart at the upper right of the page to get started.

Bee Keeping. Happy Memories!

Paw Wax, www.moderngillie.com
Bee hives in winter.

When I was young I had terrible seasonal allergies. Benadryl controlled the symptom but made me so sleepy that I was useless in school. Someone recommended honey. Local honey to be precise. The local part was a problem. The bees need to be collecting nectar from the same plants the sufferer is exposed to. It did help. It’s not a cure but my symptoms were less. The trick is you must take the honey every day. Taking it only when you have symptoms doesn’t work.

Paw wax, www.moderngillie.com
Working on a beehive.

My parents, being fearless DIYers, decided that we should keep bees. We lived on 2 acres with woods on 3 sides. A perfect place. We started with 2 hives and at one point had 17. A hive could produce several gallons each week during the summer. We would take the frames off and centrifuge the honey out of the combs after slicing the cappings off with a hot knife. Then the empty combs would be put back on. By only removing the caps we minimized the time the bees were making comb and maximized honey production. Despite only taking the cappings we still ended up with a lot of wax. The cappings were strained in a muslin bag to gather the honey. The capping would then be melted. This was messy work so my father invented a solar melter that used the heat from the sun to melt the wax.  He installed an electic eye and motor so the whol thing rotated as the sun moved accros the sky. Clover!!

Melted wax rises to the top and the shelf that the pan sat on was slanted slightly so the melted wax would spill into another pan. He also invented an automated candle dipper.  My mother made some of the wax into 1 oz discs which we used for waxing thread for sewing. I have some hanging around and they are perfect for the Paw Wax.

Back to making Paw Wax

Like the video says, containers for Paw Wax can vary. The wax can be poured into cupcake papers in cupcake tins, lids, I found an old Altoids mints tin and used that too. Use your imagination and have some fun!

Paw Wax, www.moderngillie.com
Experience working with wax from old says use a disposable aluminum pan to melt everything in. I created a mock double boiler and floated my pan in a frypan of boiling water. I don’t like to allow wax near an open flame. Toss everything into your pan let it melt.
Paw Wax, www.moderngillie.com
Stir well.
Paw Wax, www.moderngillie.com
Remove from the heat and adjust the corner of your aluminum pan so that you can pour and carefully pour your concoction into your containers.
paw wax, www.moderngillie.com
It sets up very fast.

paw wax, www.moderngillie.com

paw wax, www.moderngillie.com

While it is cooling put together your labels. Mine are straight off the Avery.ca site. They have a great selection and the online label maker is very easy to use. No graphic design skills necessary.

paw wax, www.moderngillie.com

Print on card stock, punch a hole, and tie them to your package or glue them to your tin. Easy Paw Wax to give to all your dog walking friends!

Apply wax before walkies.

Paw Wax, www.moderngillie.com
He is always happy! He thought having his paws waxed was a great game!

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13 Replies to “How to make Paw Wax to protect your puppy’s paws in winter. It’s easy!”

  1. NO WAY!! I've never heard of this!! I tried buying booties for our doxie, and it was like, "Pfft! I don't think so, lady." He kicked 'em off. This is fabulous! I can't wait to share it with my hubby.
  2. Great idea! I can definitely see this coming in handy this winter. Does your dog lick the wax off? I can see our lab/retriever mix thinking getting wax on her paws as the coolest game ever. :)
        1. You could probably replace the coconut oil with Shea butter or more almond oil if the coconut oil is a serious problem. Putting it on as we go out the door seems to be enough so that they leave it alone.
  3. Oh, this is perfect! My little one didn't tolerate booties so I had to walk him very carefully during the winter due to the salt. When they get the salt in there it's terrible for them. Thank you for sharing an affordable solution that I can make at home. Never knew about this!

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