You don’t need to be a washi tape lover

to love these elegant, gorgeous washi tapes.

gorgeous washi tape,


Japanese Masking Tape

I recently discovered these lovelies on Amazon. First, what is this stuff? washi tape is decorated Japanese masking tape. It is very low tack so like proper masking tape it is easy to remove from hard surfaces. It has a waxier topside than traditional masking tape and is quite a bit thinner. Some of them are translucent.

Washi tape has become very popular and is now made by a number of companies including Scotch brand. It can be found at Michaels and Staples. I think the nicest ones still come from Japan.

Dozens of things to do with gorgeous Washi tape – do a Pinterest search!

There are many dozens of crafts on can do with washi tape. You need only to search “washi tape” in Pinterest and you will have a lifetime of projects if you so desire.

gorgeous washi tape. www.moderngillie.comI confess that I am not particularly crafty with washi tape. I use it in my journal and notebooks to decorate the pages. It has a “color outside the lines and doodling down the side of an exam paper” kind of feel. I don’t

A great tool for color coding.

I don’t color code anymore but when the kids were little I would have been washi tape color coding like mad. I use it to match charging plugs with the matching cable. Wrap the plugin tape,  then put a strip around the cable to make a little flag. I decorate my boring pens and, right out of a “50 things to do with washi tape” post, I wrap tape around tealights to make them pretty.

gorgeous washi tape,
Here are my patterned washi tapes
gorgeous washi tape,
plain, thinner, washi tape. Good for planners
gorgeous washi tape,
these are too cute!!

Gorgeous washi tape

The other day I was searching on Amazon for stationary items and I stumbled across something new. I never thought I’d get really excited about tape, but these were different. They were elegant and beautiful, one or two had elements of Sumi-e about them that made my heart go pitter-patter. I had to have them. They were even better looking once they arrived.

gorgeous washi tape,
Moleshine Season Collection – Spring




gorgeous washi tape,
Molshine Season Color Collection – Spring










I love the grey ink trees, the rolling hills with the surprising touch of blue sky and the shadow butterflies. There is a collection for all four seasons.

I was hooked so I went back to Amazon looking for more. It was not an easy choice but I settled on a set of 10 floral tapes. (Thank goodness for Amazon Prime)

gorgeous washi tape,
Molshine Blossom Series Collection
gorgeous washi tape,
Moleshine Blossom Series Collection



These are all gorgeous washi tapes. My favorite is the scene on the bottom tape with the hummingbirds. The design second from the top has a repeat that flips. The others are continuous. You can see the Arc logo through the tape and that will give you an idea of how translucent they are.

[amazon_link asins=’B01I3E3F7Y,B06XC28HVN,B071CKMMBM,B01J2UUGF2,B01J2XX6ZG,B01NBVMV3O,B01N7UBHO5′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’moderngillie-20′ marketplace=’CA’ link_id=’dad5f322-af6d-11e7-a928-cb2bd0cc4d24′] 

gorgeous washi tap,
How much tape do you get?


Washi tape comes in an enormous variety of lengths. The one on the left is the green tape with ladybugs from an earlier picture, the tape on the right is one of the Molshine ones. You can see how the size of the roll in the middle varies. The two green look to be nearly the same size but the ladybugs has nearly twice as much tape. If you are doing large projects this may be important.   The Seasons series is 7 metres per roll and the Blossom series is 8 metres per roll

I assume that I am not the only one who finds these desirable because many are now sold out. I have added links to two sets I am coveting as they are available at this time.

Check out my Amazon store for a covetable collection of washi tape Gillie’s Amazon Finds

gorgeous washi tape,
iPhone charger all dressed up.

Don’t waste an inch

I am loath to waste a precious inch of these lovely tapes so I have only decorated journal pages so far. Oh yes, and one lucky iPhone plug.


I hope you have enjoyed these and fall in love with them too. These lovely tapes can be scattered through planners and journals to bring reminders of Spring and moments of happiness.

washi tape,

The #1 Writing Tool

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10 Replies to “Introducing Elegant, Gorgeous, Washi Tape”

  1. Oh my goodness, some of those floral washi tapes are stunning! I was just at Michael's and left with a bunch of new washi tape rolls for my brand new notebook. On my agenda for this week? Turning that notebook into a bullet journal that I adore using - the washi will help a lot!
  2. Wow I always see this stuff but keep thinking what would I do with it? It looks pretty! I love some of your ideas especially how you jazzed up your phone charger!
    1. I find it very useful for matching cable to the charger it came with. Wrap the charger and put a little matching tape flag on the cable.

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