Why you should be using Grammarly to check your text.

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In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a Grammarly Affiliate through Shareasale. If you become a Premium Grammarly user, after clicking one of the banners on this page, I receive a small commission. That being said, the reason I was happy to become a Grammarly Affiliate is because I was so happy to have Grammarly as a resource during my Master’s program. It was a life saver.[bctt tweet=” I was so happy to have Grammarly as a resource during my Master’s program. It was a life saver.” username=””]

I have never been a fan of the spell check and grammar check that came with my word processing program. It missed things and struggled with scientific and philosophical terms, my areas of academic study. Grammarly is also clearer on grammatical rules and offers contextual optimisation.

During my Master’s program there was an enormous amount of writing and having a safety net for spelling etc. was nice. While writing my dissertation I had, not one, but two laptops with hard drive failures. After the total nervous breakdown and hysterics, I rushed out and bought a new laptop.

Having a safety net was a relief.

I work on two screens. I have research documents open on one screen and the writing and notes open on the other. I bought a new laptop with the biggest screen available. I still love the big screen. What I did not realise was that the keyboard had been stretched to fit the available space. It is designed for bigger hands than mine. More like the composer and pianist Listz who’s little finger was supposed to be as long as his ring finger. This makes his pieces diabolical to play and made the keyboard a typo disaster. I still hate and struggle with this keyboard.
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I decided, several months ago, to take my blogging more seriously. I moved to Siteground and WordPress. I joined Bloggers Traffic Community and several Facebook groups to promote my blog and Pinterest group boards. As I am hoping for more traffic and those people who visit to read what I write, I have been more conscientious about my treatment of the blogs posts I go to. I read them carefully and I have noticed that those blogs with spelling and grammatical errors do not generate a positive reaction. I feel that the if the author could not take the time to correct their errors then I don’t want to read their post. There are numerous options for proofing one’s writing and they are easy to use. Poor spelling and grammar may reduce an author’s credibility, reducing traffic and return visits. This can be easily avoided by using Grammarly.
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The other problem that has come to my attention is plagiarism.

The definition of plagiarism is “an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author:” (“Plagiarism.” Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com, n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017.)

This is not an issue solely for academics and professional writers. Anything that is published electronically, which includes blog posts, is subject to copywriting rules. It is too easy to cut and paste and not give proper credit. Rephrasing or paraphrasing does not excuse one from the need to properly cite the source. The ownership of the idea still belongs to the original author. Citing the original publication is not only a legal requirement, it is ethical blogging and respectful of people in the same position as you.  [bctt tweet=”Citing the original publication is not only a legal requirement, it is ethical blogging and respectful of people in the same position as you. ” username=””]
Don't get caught plagiarizing

Grammarly has a free version to download to your PC and a version that runs in the background of your browser (I use Chrome) and looks after everything you write. Try them out to check your text then try Premium and really step up your game. I also highly recommend Grammarly’s blog (https://www.grammarly.com/blog/). It’s informative and entertaining.

Keep your blog beautiful and blog ethically.
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I was recently sent an article regarding an experiment done comparing the success of ads in posts with and without typos. “Report: Your Typos are Costing You Money” Given how much work we do to drive traffic to our blogs you don’t let poor grammar and typos undermine your success. Check your text!

18 Replies to “Before You Hit Publish Check Your Text for Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, and Plagiarism”

  1. Grammarly.com has been such a time-saver in my writing and blogging. I get in a hurry, sometimes typing faster than my brain actually operates. Grammarly catches it, rescues me, and keeps my writing looking strong.
    1. I forgot to put this in the post. The University no longer allows other people to proofread work for fear of possible plagiarism and ghostwriting. Grammarly was my "friend". Its a time saver for sure
    1. I spoke to someone yesterday who's kid had an assignment where they could cut and past answers from the web and didn't need to cite the sources. Made me cringe.
  2. As a grammar Nazi, I want to thank you for sharing. There's nothing worse than attempting to read something with poor grammar. I'm also a college professor, and it amazes me how many of my students can't write well.
    1. It's not entirely their fault. My son came home from his first university English class very angry. He said that high school had not prepared him for the expectations of English in university.
  3. Although it does not catch everything I absolutely love Grammarly! Sometimes your eyes get tired and you miss the simple things that should really be a no brainer :)
    1. I found it so useful while writing my dissertation and am still very happy with it. The extra/deeper grammar and punctuation checks are very good. It also got me using some more powerful wording. Of course the plagiarism checker and citation generator were indispensable. I recommend it for anyone writing regularly.

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