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10 Months of Life with the New Knee – Total Knee Replacement


How time flies! Here I am at 10 months post new knee.

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It has been an interesting journey to date.

new knee, www.moderngillie.comHere are the knees. They have never been pretty; they’re the knees of an Amazon.

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This machine lets you glide or climb. It works a whole range of muscles while being great cardio.

I’ve been snowboarding!! I am still loving going to Joint Class at the Harry Jerome Rec Centre. It is such a great resource to have. The staff are amazing and the other joint folk are very sweet. I thought I’d share some views of the area and my current favorite machine.

Joint Class Facilities. The stretching area is above the pool and is lovely and warm









I made this worse as I was protecting the new knee 

Lately, I have had some pain. We had nearly unprecedented amounts of snow here in Vancouver. I managed to injure myself. NOT my knee. My left low back took offence and has made life painful for a while. With the help of my amazing massage Therapist (Soma Massage Therapy, North Vancouver), and yoga I am making gradual improvement. I think I made this worse as I was protecting the new knee while I was shovelling. Moral of the story……get someone else to shovel.

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My knee continues to gain more bend as the swelling decreases. Recently I have noticed that it is also straighter than it has been for decades. Possibly straighter than I was abe to achieve after the original sports injury all those years ago. It is a bit disconcerting as my brain tells me the knee is hyper-extending. The mirror says that is not so. The muscles around the knee are also complaining as they have not had to work in this position for a long time. Even though there is discomfort these are all signs of progress.

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Compression Hose is a must!

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Wearing compression hose in my Ottbre Woman 5/2016 #3
Looks like lace knit.

I do have some advice to share. Compression hose!! Wear it on planes. In September I had a business trip to Utah and did not wear or bring my compression stockings. My knee was puffy and my ankles were absurd. It was not comfortable. They ached constantly. In February, my son and I took a trip to Toronto (Sightsee Toronto). For that trip, I wore the stocking on the plane and for long walks. What a difference!! As we age our circulation in our extremities becomes less efficient. It is more difficult for our bodies to manage the fluid in our tissues. The low pressure in the plane cabin makes the worse. It is one of the causes of DVTs (clotting on the veins of the legs) due to air travel. My experience in the past was that the swelling was in my ankles. After the knee surgery, there was noticeable swelling in the knee too. It is not surprising given the manipulation during the surgery. It may not continue to be an issue but why take a chance when there is a solution? I wear the lowest strength and they work so well. As you can see from the photo they look pretty good. No passion killers here. 


Feet First Foot Balm – Love it!

I still massage my knee on a regular basis. I have a new favorite for massage. Zija International’s Ameo launched a super product called Feet First. It smells amazing and regular use has made my amazon feet petal soft! I also use it on my knee as the scar can always use some love. There are serious amounts of essential oils, Vetiver is the top note. The first ingredient is Moringa Oil which is enormously beneficial. Check it out on my Zija Webpage. Give it a try. You will love it.

new knee,

Fantastic Feet First Balm

It smells amazing and regular use has made my amazon feet petal soft!


10 thoughts on “10 Months of Life with the New Knee – Total Knee Replacement

  1. Kimberly says:
    My dad is supposed to get a knee replacement but keeps putting it off because he says it'll make it worse. He can barely walk. He's being stubborn. I am glad that you have such great support systems - therapy, massage therapy etc. afterwards. It sounds like it helps. And these stockings as well. I think it's important to protect your knee afterwards.
    • Gillikent says:
      The patients that do best are the ones motivated to do the work. If your dad isn't ready it might not be a good thing for him. Even before I had my staples out I could feel that this new knee was so much better than the arthritic knee. The reduction in daily pain and the reduction in the effects of all the inflammatory substances the knee was producing on the rest of me has been terrific. The discomfort of the surgery is so short term compared to the benefits. Good luck with your dad and thanks for reading my post.
  2. Charlotte says:
    Aww I'm so sorry to hear about this but glad to hear that you have found so many great therapies and treatments that are helping. Also I am glad to know the compression socks help for travel! Actually know someone who could benefit from these but wasn't sure how effective they were. Wishing you a speedy recovery <3 xoxo
  3. Andrea says:
    Wow! You do snowboarding! I have a friend who had knee surgery and need to read this post! She doesn't know about compression hose (I didn't either 🙈). Thanks for sharing!
  4. Marguerite Tennier says:
    I read your post with interest - I am 4 years post both knee replacement surgeries and life is great. I hike, walk ++, do ballroom dance and Argentine tango, and living in Ottawa, I shovel. I feel 20 + years younger than I did pre-op. Lucky to have had the best knee surgeon in town. I encourage anyone to have the operation but ask around for the best surgeon. Even though I could not walk as an exercise before surgery, I kept in shape by swimming 3+ times a week - good luck
    • Gillikent says:
      That's what I want to hear! I'm so much more active now and instead of trying to figure out how to do something without upsetting the knee I can just do it. I want to add dancing to the mix! Thank you for reading this post. 

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