Mother’s Day is almost here.

Show Mom some love with a fabulous handmade DIY Spa Mother’s Day Gift

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,

Mother’s Day will be upon us soon. Over the years, we mother’s received quite a variety of gifts. While I am always happy to get any gift for Mother’s Day and don’t get me wrong, the jewelry and spa visits are great, but my favorite gifts are the ones my kids made themselves. The ones they made at school are charming. The ones they made with the assistance of their dad were the best. For the three of them to share time together creating something made the gifts extra special.

In that spirit, I have a couple of easy recipes and some suggestions for a great DIY Spa gift.

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As a Zija distributor, I love our Améo essential oils, and there are so many opportunities to make great smelling gifts when you have quality essential oils.


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DIY Spa Mother’s Day Gifts  –  Peppermint foot soak

Diy Spa Mother's Day Gift,

Your will need

Peppermint Améo Essential Oil

Epsom Salts

Red Food Coloring

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,

Measure about 1 cup Epsom salts into a 500 ml jar, add ten drops Peppermint Améo Essential Oil and 3 or four drops of red food coloring. Shake until the salt is uniformly pink. Pour into decorative jar.

DIY Spa Mother’s Day Gifts  -Lemon Sugar Scrub

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,

You will need


Coconut oil

Almond oil (optional)

Lemongrass Améo Essential Oil (I use lemongrass because it is so intense. You can use any oil you like. Améo has some lovely blends. Calming Breeze would be a lovely choice for a spa scent.)

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,

Measure 1 cup sugar, into a microwave safe bowl.

Add 4 Tbsp coconut oil

Add 1 Tbsp Almond oil (optional)

Microwave 30-45 seconds to soften coconut oil. Mix well, add 10-15 drops of Essential Oil. Mix well.

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,

To make the sugar scrub pretty, you could add some yellow food coloring or grated lemon zest. I had some colored sugar crystals in the pantry, so I add a few yellow ones to create lemon colored flecks in the scrub.

Spoon this mixture into a decorative Jar.

I like to use the wide 250 ml Mason jars. If you want other, very cool choices check out Specialty Bottles

You can be even fancier and use some sea glass paint and pretty labels.

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,

To make this extra special make some custom labels. I use the Avery Design and Print Online program. It is very easy to use and has a great selection of ready-made designs. As I never seem to have the label size, I want to design I print it out on regular paper and use a glue stick.

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,

Add some colorful nail files, fun toe separators, callus remover and a saucy nail color with a brightly colored gift bag, and you are all set.

DIY Spa Mothr's Day Gift,

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gift,

DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,
DIY Spa Mother's Day Gifts,
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  1. Ah that peppermint foot soak is exactly what I need right about now!! These gift ideas are really great ideas! Even outside Mother's Day, they'd be something worth making and giving anytime l💕

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