The smartphone video feature can be a powerful tool for Sewists and Fashionistas.

smartphone fashion assistant,

I read a lot! I mean a lot!! To my shame and regret, I don’t keep track of books, short stories, authors and when I might have read them. I devour books, particularly mysteries and science fiction. The other day my son and I were sharing about books we were reading and I was reminded of a story I read years ago, probably while I was at University as I subscribed to collections of Sci-Fi short stories back then

This particular story was a murder mystery set in the nearish future. In this future world there had been invented a mirror with delayed reflection. They could be delayed few seconds or many years. Some were put in a beautiful scenic area for years then put on the wall as live art. In this story, the mirror was a 10 or 20-year delay and was the only “witness” to a murder.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall….”

Another clever use of the delayed mirror was as a valet. In a dressing room, you could turn around and walk away from the mirror then turn around and check your appearance from the back. What a great idea! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have something like this for sewing your own clothes? It is so difficult to check the fit of the back of a garment when it’s on you. Trying to see the back it gets all pulled out of shape as you turn to see. Every person who cares about their appearance could use a delayed mirror.

smartphone fashion assistant, www.moderngillie.comWe do have something like this! Our smartphone and a tripod. Our smartphone fashion assistant is born.

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Smartphone Fashion Assistant

With the video function all of us seamstresses, tailors, and fashionistas can check out our perfection from every angle.

I picked up an inexpensive tripod and bluetooth remote, from Amazon, for my iphone a few months ago.

I set it up at either waist height or shoulder height and do a little runway strut. My smartphone fashion assistant records a short video and then I can check the fit.

Oh dear! I look so serious. This is serious business. Look at that collar, the shoulders, the nipped in waist – a job well done!

With the bendy, octopus type tripods you can take your fashion assistant anywhere to check your look when you are taking photos for your blog or IG posts.

Enjoy your portable delayed mirror – your smartphone fashion assistant!

smartphone fashion assistant,
smartphone fashion assistant,

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16 Replies to “How to make your smartphone your fashion assistant to perfect your look.”

  1. My phone sure is my fashion buddy! I like how I can take pictures anytime and anywhere. I can even make videos! Thanks for the fun post! xx
  2. That's very clever! The women in my family are always sending outfit photos to each other, but the video would be so much more helpful! Thanks so much :) Cheers, Mary Jane
  3. This is a really smart post! I think a lot of people are lost on how to take photos of themselves if they need to. A good tripod that can hold a smartphone is a perfect accessory for a blogger.
  4. Such a good idea! I would sometimes try and set my phone against something and put it on automatic timer to take a picture of myself LOL I need this!
    1. I tried that but couldn't get the right angle. And the phone would slip at just the wrong time. The tripod was the solution.
    1. There are so many variations on Amazon. I went inexpensive because most of my photography is with DSLR.
  5. Number 1 I would like to commend you on what you do, not everyone is capable of being a seamstress. I had a dress emergency a few months back and a seamstress saved my life! But none the less, this is such an awesome idea! Thank god technology is updated enough for you to use this tool!!
    1. Thank you. I am very glad I learned to sew and tailor. I couldn't afford the clothes I wear otherwise.

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