31 Day #feedgoals Instagram Challenge by Tailwind + Adobe Spark

with 31 days of suggested topics for July.

Tailwind teamed up with Adobe Spark for a “Zero to Hero” challenge to grow your Instagram following.

The challenge was for the 31 days of May. Each day a topic was emailed with example posts and suggested hashtags to get things going.

It was a great opportunity to put the free trial for Tailwind for Instagram to work. The trial is 31 free posts. We were to use the free Adobe Spark site to create terrific images and use the new Tailwind for Instagram with its Hashtag Finder for scheduling.

Tailwind adobe spark challenge, www.moderngillie.com

The Hashtag Finder suggests relevant hashtags for your image

You can write the caption and Tailwind will save it for pasting into the caption. For this, you need to download the Tailwind App. Tailwind will remind you when it is time to post.
Adobe Spark was a new program for me. It’s free which is great.  It does a lot of the creating for you. I will be doing a post about Adobe Spark soon. I used it exclusively during the month of May for Instagram images and blog post images. Those blog post images include vertical Pinterest-size ones. Posts: Spice Origins, Mother’s Day Spa Gifts, Smartphone Fashion Assistant, 7 Must Have Gardening Tools

Tailwind Adobe spark Challenge, www.moderngillie.com

All the images in this post were made using Adobe Spark. I am sharing my favorites from the 31 days #feedgoals Challenge.

Tailwind Adobe Spark Challenge, www.moderngillie.com
I enjoyed this project. I use, and love,  Tailwind for my pinning but decided after the challenge not to pay for the Tailwind for Instagram. This was not because I didn’t like it, quite the contrary. If you need to schedule many Instagram posts give this a try. At the moment, I only post once a day and usually prepare the image the day of posting. I hope at some point to prepare my posts in advance. At that time I will activate Tailwind for Instagram to manage those posts.

Tailwind Adobe Spark Challenge, www.moderngillie.com

I found the daily post topics most beneficial. It made it very easy, most days.  A few were challenging when the topic was outside my usual scope. It was a good opportunity to push myself to come up with something relevant for these.

Did it increase my following and engagement? My followers grew steadily and there was a bit more engagement. I noticed a lot of the engagement from people who were not my followers.

Tailwind Adobe Spark Challenge, www.moderngillie.com

To have posts prepared in advance, I need something like a 31-day list of topics.

 Exactly like a 31-day list of topics!

Tailwind Adobe Spark Instagram, www.moderngillie.com

Here is my 31 for the month of July. (I was going to do this as my first Mail Chimp attempt at gaining subscribers, but I think it is better to have it in the post. Subscribe if you like it.) Here is the link to the Word document 31-day list of IG Topics

Instagram Topics for July

  1. Monthly Goals or Canada Day
  2. Your Inspiration
  3. Quote of the Day
  4. Show your workspace or 4th of July
  5. What are you drinking?
  6. Throw Back Thursday
  7. What is new for you?
  8. Sweet Fragrance
  9. Enjoy Exercise
  10. Motivation Monday
  11. Color Story
  12. Coffee or Tea?
  13. Hometown Pride
  14. Just a few of my favorite things
  15. Selfie Sunday
  16. Something Sparkly
  17. Where would you rather be
  18. Moonlight Cocktails
  19. Natural Nature
  20. I made this
  21. Flatlay Friday
  22. Put your feet up
  23. Gratitude – 5 things you are grateful for
  24. Who are you today?
  25. Growing Things
  26. Morning Routine
  27. Taking a stroll
  28. TGIF
  29. Let’s do Lunch
  30. Divine Design
  31. Summer Fun
Feedgoals challenge by Tailwind for Instagram Adobe Spark,Get 31 days of IG topics, www.moderngillie.com
feedgoals challenge by Tailwind & Adobe Spark, get 31 days of IG topics, www.moderngillie.com

23 Replies to “31 Day #feedgoals Instagram Challenge by Tailwind + Adobe Spark”

  1. cool pictures and captions! I don't really have Instagram, but for those bloggers that do it may be a good idea for them to try out Tailwind.
  2. I've heard a lot about Tailwind & this makes me more interested in trying it. Thanks for the great tips & ideas. I've saved this article for future use :)
  3. Wow! Does tailwind work with Instagram? I wish there is an app that I can schedule my instagram post. Thanks for sharing the adobe sparks, I have not heard about it before.
    1. Yes Tailwind for Instagram app works with Instagram. You start with your scheduled post in the Tailwind app and it opens Instagram and you do your post.
  4. I love challenges. I ran a blog post challenge last year and had a theme for the challenge and post titles (loose titles just for a starter) that everyone had to write about, so all the posts were individual experiences but based on a theme. It worked really well. I wish I understood Instagram, can't get the hang of it at all. Enjoy the journey!
  5. I never heard of Tailwind before reading your post. Your review was very helpful. I'll have to look into a bit more to see if it's something that I can use with my IG account.
  6. I recently started using the Hashtag Finder and I absolutely love it. It's great to suggest obscure tags that you'd never even think about.
  7. This looks like such a fun challenge! I love your July list too. It would motivate me to take more photos and post more often!
  8. I am liking Tailwind and definitely need to check out Adobe Spark. This post has served as a reminder. Would love to read your ucoming post on Adobe Spark. Keep them coming.

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