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summer skincare, sunscreen,

It has been a busy week. One realtor showing, a sneak peek showing (1 hour in the late afternoon, midweek) 2 showings by appointment and 2 open houses. My house has never been so clean!  Fortunately, many people have come to have a look which makes me hopeful that an acceptable offer is coming soon. Happily, summer has finally arrived in BC’s lower mainland. Our spring was long and cold, resulting in 40% of the local strawberry crop being lost. It’s has been a gorgeous few days. Full of sunshine. This means breaking out the sunscreen and some change-ups in summer skincare.

Sunscreens need to be nice to use

I have a problem with many sunscreens, particularly the waterproof ones.  They irritate my skin and produce a distinct burning sensation. Use them more than a couple of days and I get a rash. I have never been able to pinpoint the ingredients that cause this. It happens with both chemical and physical barriers. After many visits to warm sunny climes for R&R with some SCUBA I have found a few that work for me.

Summer Skincare for your face

For face Dermalogica’s  oil-free matte SPF 30. Unlike the rest of me, my face is oily so this is great to wear and not look like I am using coconut oil as my primer. It also does not sting or irritate even when I perspire.

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Summer Skincare for the body

For body, I use Biotherm Milk. SUN lait solaire SPF30 200 ml corporel. It is not waterproof and must be applied regularly but does a great job even in the really strong rays of Hawaii. I could live without the fragrance but it doesn’t persist for long after application.

When I do want extra coverage I have found one waterproof product that works for me. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Block Lotion Water-Resistant Sunscreen SPF 50 by Shiseido.  Pricey it’s true (please note it is about $50 CND at Sephora), but it lasts and lasts and does not irritate. Removal requires some work with the shower soap and a scrubby and I use some makeup remover on my face if I used it there.

Summer Skincare for the Offspring

On occasion, we have used big name products that simply did not live up to the level of protection claimed by the SPF.  With one extremely fair child, this was highly unacceptable. The boys have come to prefer Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray in SPF 50 & 30. They like the ease of application, the non-sticky feeling, and I like that we have never been disappointed in the protection

If your family doesn’t like a product they won’t use it.

I am not arguing that these are the best sunscreens out there. But in my experience, if my darlings do not like a product they will not apply it regularly so it doesn’t matter if it’s great. If it stays in the container it isn’t doing its job. Try many. Find one they will use willingly and never leave home without it.

Try many. Find one they will use willingly and never leave home without it.

Zija’s GENM Body Oil

I do not know if this is true for others but I suffer dry skin even though my face is oily. In the cooler months, I can use a lotion like Aveeno. In summer I get better results with a body oil.  My new favorite is Zija’s GENM body oil. It is great for aftersun care. Nurturing but not greasy.

Summer Skincare,

Zija’s Body Oil is powered by Moringa oleifera and other beneficial oils and extracts—including sweet almond, avocado and argan—in harmony with advantageous fatty acids. It’s also infused with fresh lavender essential oil, which has natural relaxing properties. This luxurious blend absorbs quickly and goes right to work, providing pure hydration for your skin. Use GenM Moringa Body Oil daily to help fight the appearance of aging while leaving skin looking and feeling softer, smoother and more radiant. 

I apply it to wet skin and it absorbs without any greasy residue. Smells amazing but not so much that it would interfere with your choice of perfume and my legs are looking amazing. No alligators shins this summer.

You can get it in my Zija store Here Gillian’s Zija Store

Email me at gillz@moderngillie with any questions.

Have a fabulous time in the sun stay safe.

>Summer Skincare, sunscreen,

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18 Replies to “Summer Skincare. No Alligator Skin Allowed!”

  1. Haha love the post title, thank you so much for this. I'm in a hurry often so besides applying some facial moisturizing cream, I don't do any skin care and I have started getting complacent about dry skin. Your post has made sure I don't neglect my skin anymore. Thanks and I'm looking forward to using the oil. Xx
  2. These are fantastic ideas to keep our skin hydrated this summer! I'm especially curious about the body oil. You're absolutely right about if everyone doesn't like a product, they won't use it. Based on these suggestions, I hope I can find a good one that everyone likes! Thanks!
  3. I am interested in the oil-free sunscreen for me. I will check out these products, thanks!
  4. I think body oil is great all year around, I don't use moisturizer anymore because I think oils are so much more beneficial. And thanks for the reminder about sunscreens, they are so very important but sometimes the last thing on people's minds.
  5. Protecting your skin from the sun is so important, especially for kids as most skin damage is done before we turn 18. I am a fair skinned redhead so I know all about wearing high SPF even on days when it isn't sunny as UV penetrates through cloud.
  6. I love the title of this article. Alligator skin is something I get in summer as well. But I don't think these products are available in my country. Though its a great list of items you have put up here.
  7. I can not apply an oil-based sunscreen - it irritates my skin. My mantra is to look for organic products that are water based. And I agree it is important to see what works for the whole family because an expensive or excellent brand doesn't guarantee everyone will use it.
  8. I can't stand sunscreen because of the scent and texture. Though, now that I'm pushing 40, I guess it's time to start some sort of skin care routine. Thanks for the reviews and ideas - gives me a jumping off point!
    1. Thank you for reading my post. I tried quite a number of sunscreens before finding the ones I use. You are right. Many are heavily scented which can be annoying.

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