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In May I participated in an Instagram challenge by Tailwind and Adobe Spark for thirty-one days. I enjoyed it and wrote about it HERE. I promised to share more about Adobe Spark and how I use it to create blog graphics. I have received no incentive from Adobe for this post. All my opinions are my own.

easy blog graphics,

Adobe has been making software for artists and graphic designers for a very long time. Most of their products are geared toward professionals who have been taught how to use the many features of these programs. Adobe Spark is different. It is free and is aimed at people with little or no graphics experience.

I have in the past used Adobe’s Photoshop for graphics, but it is expensive and complicated. May bloggers can’t afford it or take the time to become a competent user. I was delighted to find some free programs that make creating professional quality graphics easy. I use Photoscape for editing images from my camera. I wrote about Photoscape here. I have used Pic Monkey and Canva for graphic design. The free version of these programs are astoundingly powerful which is what bloggers on a budget need. I preferred Canva. I found it a bit more intuitive. It has many design choices so your product can express your uniqueness.

The 32 day Instagram challenge was to use Adobe Spark to create my Instagram images and use Tailwind to schedule them. When I began the Tailwind/Adobe park challenge I was a bit worried about learning yet another new program, but what is life, or blogging, without a new challenge now and again.

At first, I felt that Adobe Spark did almost too much work for me. Once I got the hang of manipulating the images and text, I changed my mind. In fact, it helped me to express my personality or brand much more successfully.

Easy Blog Graphics,

It has many layouts, text options, color pallets and design suggestions. The gallery of projects is very helpful if you are stuck for ideas. It also has all the common image sizes for all potential projects. I use the Instagram, Pinterest and Blog image sizes a lot. Adobe Spark has a limited number of fonts but \I have not found this to be a limitation, and they are grouped in a way that makes font pairing (where you use two different style fonts in a single graphic) easy.

My favorite feature is the Resize option. I can take the blog post image I created and resize it to Instagram-size or Pinterest-size and all my other formatting remains. In Canva I would have to start the next sized image from scratch. The resize option is a huge time saver and lets me create a very consistent set of images for my social media. This ties my social media together for a particular blog post.

easy blog graphics with Adobe Spark,
easy blog imageswith Adobe Spark,

Canva has a small library of free images yo can use, Adobe Spark allows you to search Pixabay which has over a million free images, videos and vectors. You can also access your Dropbox, Lightroom and Creative Cloud files from the program.

easy blog graphics,

Adobe Spark gives you the option of images for posts, whole pages, and video. I have only done posts, but I did a page to see how it worked. It was simple. See below for an effort that took about 10 minutes, some of which was finding the images to add.

My family friends

Ditch That Textbook has written “13 ways to create unforgettable multimedia with Adobe Spark”  post about how Adobe Spark is a tool for students and teachers to create terrific projects. Ditch that Textbook. 

It’s a fun read!

When we decide to blog about a topic, it’s often an area where we have experience or expertise. A successful blog needs more than what we know. It needs to be well-written with good grammar and spelling. Grammarly is a good program for that. I wrote about that HERE.
A good host for your blog has been Siteground for me. Siteground Link

A powerful platform that lets you personalize and present a great product is WordPress. Finally, the internet is a visual experience, so we need great images. We are lucky to have so many free/affordable options, and I suggest that Adobe Spark is excellent for those with no design experience. It’s a great place to start and to allow a blogger to move confidently forward.

Finally, the internet is a visual experience, so we need great images. We are lucky to have so many free/affordable options, and I suggest that Adobe Spark is excellent for those with no design experience. It’s a great place to start and to allow a blogger to move confidently forward.

Click HERE for Adobe Spark

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    1. Most of the time I use my own images but when I need stock photos the huge library available with Adobe Spark and Pixabay is very nice.
  1. I usually use my own photos for my website or I use graphic stock for stock photos. I've never tried Adobe Spark, but this seems like a great user friendly option. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Oh this is great!! I just started using Canva and although I really enjoy it, especially because it's so user-friendly, I think I'll have to upgrade pretty quickly so I'll definitely check this out! Thanks for the recommendation!
  3. This program looks really interesting. Graphics are so important in blogging and having the right tools makes life much easier. Thanks for sharing this, I've never heard of Spark.
  4. I've never even heard of Adobe Spark before, so I'm glad I read this. I usually use Adobe Illustrator or Canvas, but I'll have to give this a try!
    1. Give it a try. I find it very intuitive to use and they recently made some improvements to the phone app which make it very powerful.

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