Places to See in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park,

Vancouver, British Columbia and the surrounding areas are loaded with beautiful and interesting places to visit. I am always amused that during Holidays people can’t get out of town fast enough. Off to the cottage, cabin and over to Vancouver Island. There are so many places to see locally.  I realized that there are a lot of local places I have never been to. I decided that I must see some of these. I call this my Staycation.   I began, this week, with Queen Elizabeth Park.

Queen Elizabeth Park is 52 hectares in the middle of Vancouver. It is the tallest point in Vancouver at 152 metres above sea level. At the top is the Bloedel Conservatory and the park has beautifully landscaped quarry gardens, sculptures and a huge variety of plants, artfully arranged. Originally it was known as Little Mountain and much of the stone for Vancouver’s roads was quarried there. It holds two of the reservoirs for Vancouver’s water.  It was dedicated i n 1939 by the King George VI and his consort Queen Elizabeth.  For more info go to the link below.

Here is the link to the Parks and Recreation page.

This is the printable map. It doesn’t show all the walkways.   queen-elizabeth-park-map(1) 

The day I went was very hot and sunny. I took a sandwich and a thermos of tea. I should have added a bottle of water. There is plenty of parking. It is pay parking. I stared at the Bloedel Conservatory. The Park itself is free to visit. The Conservatory costs $6.50.

Places to see in Vancouver,
Places to see in Vancouver,
Places to see in Vancouver,

Places to See in Vancouver – Bloedel Conservatory

Places to See in Vancouver,
Places to see in Vancouver,
Places to See in Vancouver,
Places to See in Vancouver,

The Conservatory is not large and has a game sheet kids can use to find all of the birds. It will keep them occupied for a little while. It was very nice and I plan to return early next year to look at the orchids.

Places to See in Vancouver – Queen Elizabeth Park – Large Quarry Garden

The Conservatory is quite humid so it was a relief to get out into the dry air. I began with the large Quarry garden.

Places to see in Vancouver,

Places to See in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Paark,
Places to See in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park,

I moved on rather aimlessly until I arrived at the Small Quarry Garden.

Places to See in Vancouver, Queen \elizabeth Park,

Places to See in Vancouver – Hot Day Hobo Fashion

In July, Vancouver can get very warm. What does one wear to explore a park? Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are a must. The rest (in this case:  Stretch Twill shorts I made for our trip to the UK in 2008, Joe Fresh sleeveless T and a very lightweight sleeveless blouse of indeterminate origin) are up to you.

I love this hat. It looks like a blob of straw but once on your head it goes into shape perfectly. It has an elastic headband and keeps me shaded and cool.

Places to See in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park,

I hope you have a chance to visit Queen Elizabeth Park and enjoy it as much as I did. A picnic with friends would be so much fun next time!

Places to See in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park,

Places to See in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park,

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  1. We've been planning to go to Vancouver in forever! This is definitely going to be one of our stops. Looks like a lovely place to spend a day.
  2. I live in Alberta and I really want to go to Vancouver, always have, but haven't yet. This park looks amazing, it seems like there is plenty of beauty to be seen :)
  3. I've never been to Canada but I heard very good things about Vancouver, especially about the climate, is it true? I would to go there some day!
    1. It rains a far bit but it's rare to have s lot of snow and the summers and fall are perfect. Not too hot.
  4. wow this park looks like its in some tropical island, not in Vancouver! Looks amazing ! So green and peaceful ! Love those Tropical Birds! I would love to visit it one day!
  5. I live in Vancouver and have had many picnics in this park. Did you get a chance to check out the restaurant and its breath taking views.
  6. Wow, such beautiful scenery! That must take a lot of effort to keep that park so impeccably manicured! P.S. Your website's title is cute! "Thoroughly Modern Gillie", love it! I've only seen a few plays, but Thoroughly Modern Millie was one of them :).
  7. Wow, the tropical birds are cool.. I'm a big time bird lover & this park will for sure tempt me to visit. The bridge gave a stunning view!
  8. I LOVE visiting British Columbia whenever up I'm up north in Washington! I have not been to these beautiful gardens yet, but it's now officially on my list! The walkways and foliage make this a lovely place to spend an afternoon, and the mountain views you shared are gorgeous.
    1. There are so many great outdoor places here but I like that Queen Elizabeth Park is right there in downtown.
  9. Oh, my cousins live in Vancouver and I so want to go visit...and eat all the great food there, too :) We border Canada, but unfortunately, it's not Vancouver :P
    1. I think it would be fun to do a food truck tour and visit all the unique food trucks we have here.
  10. I love the birds and plants. These pictures are so expertly taken, I'm glad you had a great time.
  11. I was so hoping to visit Canada this fall but I don't think it'll be happening. I've really been wanting to visit my neighboring country for some time now. I'm going to try to reschedule for the spring!
  12. The birds are so gorgeous cute! I don't think it is something tourist or people will notice on a normal basis, so it's great of you to point that out and remind people that the beauty is in the nature!
  13. I have been to Vancouver a decade ago but I don't remember going to this park.This park looks amazing, I know my family is going to have a blast. Hopefully, we get to go there one day.

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