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8 things you should know about Mary Kay, www.moderngillie.comMy marvelous, gorgeous friend, Haydee Skeet, is a Mary Kay Consultant. She has been with the company since she was a teenager and knows all. I have a few products from Mary Kay that I can’t live without – the eye makeup remover is No.1 on the list. Mary Kay has a business ethic that goes way beyond profit and is an innovator in the industry so I asked Haydee to share a few interesting tidbits. 7 things you should know about Mary Kay.

Pink Cadillacs

Is that what comes to mind when you think of Mary Kay?

I didn’t even know about those the first time I tried it. I was 12, in a “Teen Poise” class where we learned how to take care of our teenage skin and painted on eye shadow like watercolors.

Fast forward 35 years and now I am teaching women about skincare and color, and having fun along the way! I have fallen in love with the products and the company, and am excited to share some things you might not know about Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Mountain Laurel Blush.

8 Things You Should Know About Mary Kay, www.moderngillie.comThat was the official color of the first Mary Kay Pink Cadillac (think Bubble Gum Pink).  The Pink Cadillac is one of the most recognized brands in the world, and it was almost a Lincoln! (I have been told this is only an urban legend and is not in MK’s official biography) When Mary Kay Ash went to the local Lincoln dealership to buy her fancy car they told her to go home and “get her husband; then they’d get her in a car.” She walked across the street to Cadillac. Mary Kay now has the largest passenger fleet of company cars in the world. They include Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Volkswagen and of course, the now softer toned Pink Cadillac.

Not your Grandma’s Skincare

7 Things You Should Know About Mary Kay, www.moderngillie.com

I know that the products I have for my customers offer all the advantages of top brands but at better prices. With over 1,200 patents for products, technologies, and packaging, Mary Kay is one of the top innovators in the cosmetics industry. Mary Kay develops, tests and manufactures its products in house, investing millions of dollars in research and conducting more than one-half million tests every year to make certain all ingredients and products meet the highest standards.

All products are backed by a 100% guarantee, FOR LIFE

How many products do you have in a drawer, that didn’t quite work out?  I can save you from that! We have products for young skin, “mature” skin, dry skin, oily and anything in between! Two of my favorite products that are exclusive to MK are the Timewise Tone Correcting Serum which uses navy beans to brighten skin, and the brand new Vitamin C Activating Squares. [bctt tweet=”Mary Kay is the first company to find a way to keep pure Vitamin C stable and fresh every time you use it!” username=”gillzkent”]

7 Things You Should Know About Mary Kay, www.moderngillie.com

 Pink doing Green.

7 Things You Should KNow About Mary Kay, www.moderngillie.com
Refillable Compact

Mary Kay is always looking for opportunities to reduce environmental impacts. Remember that watercolor eye shadow of the 80s? It came in a refillable compact! Although the products have evolved (thank goodness) the compacts are still refillable, reducing packaging, shipping, and waste. Products are shipped using recycled and recyclable packaging. The manufacturing plant in Dallas has cut its production waste by 70% and has reached zero landfill status. We have also planted over one million trees. Every bit helps!

Mary Kay and Animal Testing.

Animal testing is a passionate issue for so many people, myself included!

Mary Kay was one of the first companies to stop animal testing. It doesn’t conduct animal testing on its products or ingredients or ask others to do so on its behalf unless required by law. There is only one country out of the 35+ that Mary Kay is in where they are required to submit products for government testing, and that is China. So what are we doing about it?

Mary Kay is a founding member of the International Outreach Consortium of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences. Whew, that’s a big name, but it’s important! They encourage the use of human clinical methods as an alternative to animal experimentation in China. Mary Kay has been working closely with the Chinese government, and dermatology experts used by the Chinese government, to show that alternative testing methods can ensure safe and effective products. Mary Kay also sponsored a training course about testing using non-animal methods at the IIVS laboratory for Chinese regulatory scientists. I believe that the only way to change animal testing practices in China is to actively be there, and be an influence. One day they’ll stop.

Mary Kay supports women everywhere7 Things You Should Know About Mary Kay, www.moderngillie.com

The Mary Kay Ash Foundation.

Established in Canada in 2001, the foundation supports women living with cancer through the  Look Good, Feel Better Program and is helping to end violence against women by providing grants to women’s shelters and community outreach programs.

I have been a volunteer with the Look Good, Feel Better Program and have seen firsthand their positive impact on women living with cancer. Over 1500 free workshops are held at cancer treatment centers every year across Canada, and by far the majority of volunteers are Mary Kay Consultants.

Shelter Grant program.

Since its inception in 2004, more than $1.4 Million has been donated to shelters and programs that address domestic violence. Each year one shelter in every province and territory is given a 10,000 grant. Click here to download the Shelter Grant Application form. The Shelter Grant Application deadline is October 31, 2017.

It’s Mary Kay Canada’s 40th Anniversary.

Mary Kay Ash and her consultants drove through a snowstorm to meet with Canadian women in Montreal. They came out, and Mary Kay Canada was launched in 1978!7 Things You Should Know About Mary Kay, www.moderngillie.com

The company goal is to have 40,000 consultants across Canada by July 2018. I found so many things in Mary Kay that I never expected. Money, personal growth, friendships, more time with my family, (time away from my family) LOL. I have worked part-time, full-time and sometimes no-time with new babies. Mary Kay has no quotas or territories, so I have customers and work with women from Whitehorse to Montreal! I teach Skincare, and the product sells itself. Curious? Find out more!

 Pink was not Mary Kay’s favorite color.

7 Things You Should Know About Mary Kay, www.moderngillie.com It was picked because it would look pretty in the plain white bathrooms of the 1960s.

Haydée Skeet

Independent Beauty Consultant, Wife,  Mom of two kids and a Whoodle!

How old you are is your business

         how old you look, as mine

7 Things You Should Know About Mary Kay, #marykay, #skincare #makeup, www.moderngillie.com
7 Things You Should Know About Mary Kay, #marykay #makeup #skincare, www.moderngillie.com

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  1. Wow..these are fun facts about Mary Kay! When I taught 3rd grade a student of mine did a research project on her. We all found it to be so interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I am also a MaryKay Consultant and I love the company! The Oil free Makeup remover is one of many woman's favorite. Very good blog post! I actually just posted a blog about me demonstrating how to use the Satin Lips set to achieve SOFT LUCIOUS Lips! The link is down below https://aaliyahrlane.wordpress.com/2017/08/28/how-to-achieve-soft-juicy-luscious-lips/
  3. I am so happy you did this post. I have never really given Mary Kay products much of a chance but reading all these great things makes me want to support this company! I love that they're not only cruelty-free but they also helped start that movement. And they're working on their environmental footprint. I'm really excited to know these things and feel great about trying out their products. Thanks again for sharing :D
  4. My mother has been a MK consultant since 1978. It’s the only skin care line I have ever used and she has obviously been using it longer than I. No one ever guesses she is 73 and I am 44. I am an MK girl like no other. At age 5, I was going to MK parties with my mom helping her tell the Mary Kay Ash story and sharing her products with so many ladies. I think by age 6, I could recite the story of how the company was founded. Great memories, but more importantly it helped my single mom raise myspef and two older brothers. I love to see other women who love tgis company an dproduct as much as I do!
  5. Love all of this wonderful info. I knew some of it but not all! I’m proud to be represent such an awesome company with an unpresidented level of excellence in everything they do. This is one happy MK Independent Consultant!! 😊
  6. Great article. I have been wanting to become a consultant for a long time and I now think I'm going to become a consultant. I love their products and I want to share these products with young teen girls and boys that want great skin with a great company.

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