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Back to school is a busy time. For a time I tried doing it like the other moms but it never worked for me. I took another approach. We skipped the gradual earlier wake times and made a deal. Sleep late until the first day of school but no whining. It worked. No shopping for school supplies until the leftovers from last year were inventoried. There were always loads of paper, binders, workbooks and writing implements which would get them through the first week. How many boxes of oil pastels does one household need? By waiting I would get what the kids and teacher needed without overbuying.

Back to School Ideas for Moms,

What I noticed was that with all the clothes and supplies and sports supplies I ended up forgetting myself. My kids (now 24 & 21) did a lot of sports which also began at the end of summer. This meant hanging around at practices and games. Here are some of the things a sports mom needs to stay comfortable.

Grammarly Writing Support


Folding chair – they are not designed for a long life so a new one for a new year is worth investigating. Even if you don’t sit during games the chair can keep your gear off the wet ground.









New Music for the road trips









Kindle – because watching practices and swim lessons can get a little boring (it doesn’t mean we love them less, a mom can only take so much) I love, love, love mine. So much easier to read than the app on my phone. Kindle Unlimited and BookBub let me keep my reading list fresh.










Bluetooth earbuds – just got a pair of these and they are great.










Essential Oil Car Air Freshener

Essential Oil Car Air Freshener – Athletes and their gear can be pretty stinky – classic British understatement here. Air fresheners can’t disguise it all, but they help. I don’t use the commercial air fresheners because I don’t care for some of the ingredients. I prefer essential oils as I know whats in them. Ameo essential oils from Zija International are superb. I can hook you up.










New Brolly – In Vancouver we have had the most glorious summer. Once the soccer players hit the practice pitches the rain is guaranteed to show up. Be prepared for a new season of hanging out on the sidelines and retire last year’s umbrella for a nice big new one.










iPhone Gloves – Once the rain starts it gets cold quickly. In Vancouver out soccer and field lacrosse season goes from September to the end of February. Keep your hands warm, and stay in contact with touchscreen compatible gloves.


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