I undertook a quick project to dress up some car seat covers. This easy machine embroidered monogram was fun and makes these inexpensive seat covers look very customized.

Fun, Easy Machine Embroidered Monogram for Your Car, www.moderngillie.com

This summer had been a rollercoaster. I still have not sold my house. 2 flakey buyers. The last couple of weeks there have been showings every day and an open house. I have to keep the house looking unlived in with no pets (HAHA). I was getting into a rhythm when my car was totaled. The kids borrowed it to go to a wedding on Sechelt (beautiful!!) and coming off the ferry were rear ended. It was one of those shunts where a car 25 cars up tapped his breaks and when it gets to them they were slamming on the breaks. My son’s girlfriend did everything right but the guy behind them didn’t. We suspect he was texting (“just got off ferry. b there soon”) because there was no sign he tried to stop. The poor old Caliber did its job and the impact bar and the rest of the safety stuff protected the driver and passenger. It had too much frame damage to repair.


Fun Easy Embroidered Monogram for your Car, www.moderngillie.com

Suddenly I am car-less with an open house that day and dogs to deal with. After a lot of angst, my mother and older son, two people with wheels, were away and it takes 24 hours to arrange a rental.  My other son’s girlfriend came to my rescue. Thank you!

We had thrown around some ideas for vehicles to replace the Caliber but I had not seriously considered any particular vehicle. I narrowed my list (sensible but sporty) and used Autotrader to locate vehicles of interest. Autotrader made it very easy to use my limited time effectively. One seller had three cars of interest on their lot. I test drove all three. The winner was a 2014 Nissan Rogue with only 28,000 kms. It was excellent to drive and everything was in near new condition. Great price too. Thank you Jim Pattison Lease.

Fun Easy Embroidered Monogram for your Car, www.moderngillie.com

I am no longer driving stinky, grimy boys to and from sporting events but the dogs can carry a lot of grime and vast amounts of hair into a car and my new baby was pristine.

Whats a girl to do?

Step 1. Scotch Guard EVERYTHING!

Step 2. Floor Mats – it rains here. A lot!

Step 3. Inexpensive seat covers that are washable and if necessary disposable.

Step 4. Storage area pet cover. 

Step 5. Shop Vac

I ordered from Amazon. Amazon Prime is so great. Even with the Labor Day weekend, I had my order in a couple of days.

 Those seat covers were plain black. Hmmmm. Plain…very plain. Too plain!

Can I embroider them? Oh yes! Here we come  Easy Machine Embroidered Monogram.

At first, I found a free monogram with applique but I am not the Mistress of the Applique and I was concerned the fabric would not stretch and give the same way as the seat cover fabric. I found a very elegant single letter monogram on EmbroideryDesigns.com designed by DesignsbyJUJU.

Fun Easy Embroidered Monogram for your Car, www.moderngillie.com

All 4 hoopings took about 2 hours, this includes marking and centering the hoop . I had to hold the seat fabric out of the way, but they stitched out beautifully.

Here is the final result. An easy way to dress up your car seat covers and keep your new baby clean.

Don’t be intimidated! There are great resources for beginners.

Check out Hobby Help. to get started.

Fun Easy Machine Embroidered Monogram for your Car

Fun Easy Embroidered Monogram for your Car, www.moderngillie.com, machine embroidery

Fun Easy Embroidered Monogram for your Car, www.moderngillie.com

If you don’t embroider, check Craigslist for services in your area.

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  1. Now this is so cool and creative! I love how you turned a simple car seat cover into a special customized piece for your car. I have never done this before but I love the fact that I can pay someone to do it. https://officiallychic.com

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