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Fall Wardrobe Planning – in the sewing room.

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com, Sewing, fashion, seasonal wardrobe

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I had hoped to be sharing finished items for my fall wardrobe, but things have gotten in the way. Instead, I thought I’d share one of my favorite things to do: Daydreaming with fabric and patterns.

One of the places I visit, if I can when I visit the Chicago area is Vogue fabrics. This place is an Aladdin’s Cave. They have a fantastic selection of fabric and often have designer roll ends (total gold!!) I always want to buy the whole store but have learned some restraint. The same as meal planning – go with a list that encompasses your fall wardrobe planning. 

I like Ottobre Woman patterns. Their fit is consistent, and many pieces are designed to let the fabric shine.

Neutral Pants

My first item is a pair of jean-style pants in a nice neutral.

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com

This stone/mushroom colored fabric is linen like and will make a nice pair of jean style pants

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com

Simple Flattering Top

This is one of my go-to tops. It is so flattering and works great under a cardigan for fall.I have added a full bust adjustment to compliment my tremendous bosom. It’s a perfect top for any first timer to do an FBA . 

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com

Here is a finished one I threw together in a couple of hours when I was looking to do something fresh.

Fall Wardorbe planning, www.moderngillie.com

This pretty lavender print has great drape. Perfect for this top and a break from the neutrals.

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com

This knit is such neat fabric. A great mix of neutrals

A special piece that works day and night

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com

OMG, this fabric is so gorgeous. Sheer black eyelet. LOVE!!!

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com

This blouse will be super elegant in the black eyelet.

One gorgeous piece of fabric to play with

The last piece of fabric was one of those – If I walk away, I’ll regret it. This fabric is so delicious and drapey. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. There is always the risk of buying too little or too much. I should have enough for a simple tunic that will let ht fabric show off. 

Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com


Thank you for joining me for my fall wardrobe planning daydreams. Finger crossed that very soon I will be back to making incredible messes while incredible creations happen. 

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Fall Wardrobe Planning, www.moderngillie.com #fallwardrobe, #fashion, #sewing

Fall Wardrobe Planning,www.moderngillie.com #fallwardrobe, #fashion, #sewing

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33 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe Planning – in the sewing room.

  1. Margaret Stuart says:
    Very cool! I have always wished that I could sew. When I was younger I had a sewing machine, but I don't think I ever actually learned how to use it. I can kind of hand sew though, so at least I have that redeeming quality. I wish I could make my own clothes though.
  2. Christine says:
    I love the tops/blouses. They are definitely flattering. I just love the Fall...such a beautiful time of year and I love the fashion. Can't wait to get into my jeans and boots!!!
  3. Amy Boyington says:
    I so wish I was able to sew! I'd love to make my own clothing. My mom was great at it and used to make clothes for me, but I've never inherited her talent. I love your plans for a simple Fall wardrobe!
  4. Michelle says:
    Dream away - the materials and the items you are going to make will be fantastic :-) You are blessed to be able to make your own clothing especially to be able to work with such beautiful materials. Enjoy!!
  5. lexie mary says:
    Great article, a friend of mine is starting to make her own sewing atelier. and she's doing this sewing stuffs and all. she even made her own top and shirt. this will gonna help her, thank you for sharing super nice guide.
  6. Megan Miller says:
    I just got myself some neutral pants. I think I'm going to give one of the tops a try, I need more flattering tops. I'm going to do a light weight fabric I think so I can layer in the colder months.
  7. MissJess says:
    I'm also always daydreaming about fabric and various fashion creations. I've been really wanting to get into sewing, just haven't found the time yet being a new mom. Thanks for sharing!

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