I LOVE jewelry! but sometimes it doesn’t cut it. It is also not easy or wise to travel with jewelry. Enter my collection of scarves. I also LOVE scarves. I am fortunate to have been given some beautiful ones and inherited a few very unique ones.

How to Wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com, #scarf #scarves #wearingscarves #travelwardrobe #fashion

When we travel we tend to have basic, solid color pieces to make things easy and packing light. BORING! Scarves are lightweight and can add a lot of style to a simple t-shirt. I don’t do complicated knotting. The goal is to get ready quickly and only look high maintenance.

How to Wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com, #scarf #scarves #wearingscarves #travelwardrobe #fashion
This Silk twill scarf was a present from one of my international students. Beautiful
How to Wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com, #scarf #scarves #wearingscarves #travelwardrobe #fashion
This one is a souvenir from the Melbourne 1956 Olympics.
How to Wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com, #scarf #scarves #wearingscarves #travelwardrobe #fashion
My father had a business meeting at the Mercedes factory in Germany and bought this home for me.
How to Wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com, #scarf #scarves #wearingscarves #travelwardrobe #fashion
I inherited this one. A souvenir from a trip to France.

35 inch square scarves are very versatile. My favorite way is to style an inexpensive cotton t-shirt.  Make a triangle and knot it. Toss it on or wrap the triangle around your throat and knot it in front for two very different, sophisticated looks. I find every scarf has a personality. You need to be unafraid and experiment with each one to find how you and it work together.

How to Wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com, #scarf #scarves #wearingscarves #travelwardrobe #fashion
Light silk scarf from an International student (35 x35″)

Scarves come in many fabrics and weights. This Hermes scarf is silk twill and has a lot of body. It can feel a bit like it is wearing you. Happily, the Hermes website has some instructions. This triple knot is a great way to tame a stiff scarf.

How to Wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com, #scarf #scarves #wearingscarves #travelwardrobe #fashion
This Hermes Scarf is one of my prized possessions. I get such a kick of wearing it with this $10 t-shirt from Joe Fresh
The triple knot is just 3 simple overhand knots.
How to wear scarves, www.moderngillie.com
This is a handpainted silk scarf (35″x35″). it is light but is a little crisp. As it’s not a great color on me, I tame it by tying it like a men’s tie. Looks great under a cardigan or jacket.
How to wear scarves, www.moderngillie.com
These are all silk squares, either 20″ square or 24″ square. All are tied with a simple square knot. Super simple and lets the fabric speak. Twist the fabric, change the knot placement and you have a completely different look.
How to wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com
This is a 72′ long fine cotton scarf. Here it is worn two ways. The second way only looks complicated. Just reach through the loop for the second tail. Nice for cooler days as it is closer to the neck. Great with the white T and jeans.
How to Wear Scarves, wwwmoderngillie.com
This is burnout velvet. It has great drape and weight. Toss it on for a statement piece. Very Miss Fisher.

These are not all my scarves, but no collection is complete without the scarf that you thought would be great but doesn’t seem to work with anything.

How to wear scarves, www.moderngillie.com
Here is the unwearable culprit. Looks so innocent and cute but it just doesn’t work.

Caring for your scarves.

I always wash by hand with a very gentle detergent. Euclan is designed for wool but is it good for silk as wool and silk are both proteins. Roll them up in a towel to remove excess water then dry flat if you can.

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How to Wear Scarves, www.moderngillie.com, #scarf #scarves #wearingscarves #travelwardrobe #fashion

22 Replies to “How to wear scarves – silk, cotton, and velvet”

  1. Beautiful collection of scarves! I'm personally a fan of reds and browns as scarf colors so I really like the burnout velvet shown here. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Loved all of your suggestions and styling tips here! Definitely need to add some scarves to my fall / winter wardrobe now! Thanks so much and Have a great week!
  3. i absolutely love a scarf too - especially to dress up a really plain outfit - i used to think of them as just a way to keep warm but now I think of them totally as part of the ensemble!
  4. I continually buy scarves that I never knew what to do with. This is exactly what I needed for my scarf collection. Really helpful!
  5. I don't wear a lot of scarves in my daily life, but I really like the idea of bringing them when traveling. So much easier to pack basic wardrobe pieces and then mix things up with an assortment of scarves.
  6. I love all the different ways you can accessorize with scarves, and these are all so interesting! I've been wanting to try out those long head scarves people wear as headbands, but I can never find them. It's hard to find exactly what you're vibing for!
  7. Those are some very pretty scarves! I, especially, like the blue one! :) I think that, if I were to ever wear a scarf, it would be silk. I would think that cotton and velvet might be a little more clingy? Of course, I have no experience in scarf-wearing, though! :)
    1. The velvet is nice because it has drape and weight. Silk is my favorite and it comes in floaty and translucent or firm and crisp. Whatever you are feeling.
  8. I love scarves; especially around this time of the year! You featured so many pretty ones that I would love to try though! I've never seen any like these before! www.officiallychic.com

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