Here in Canada, we had Thanksgiving earlier in the month. In the US it is coming up. As an American living in Canada, I feel I have the option to celebrate both. Since the divorce holiday meals have been a juggle. This year the Ex  had the boys Saturday, girlfriends’ families Sunday and my house on Monday. I was lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful dinner at a friend’s Sunday. I figured that by Monday we would all be turkey’d out so I set out to find some Thanksgiving recipe ideas to do something completely different. In the process, I discovered some recipes that I think would go well with a traditional Thanksgiving meal and add a tasty change of pace. I am giving my fellow bloggers some love and sharing them with you.

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas,

Dilled Glazed Carrots

I was introduced to these at my friend’s Thanksgiving dinner this year. I fell in love. Who doesn’t like glazed carrots but these take them up a notch.  This recipe from Christine at Must Love Home is it!   Must Love Home”s Dilled Glazed Carrots

Autumn Crunch Pasta Salad

This salad is so fresh! The tart apple and cranberries with the sweet mandarins are so delicious. Chelsea’s Messy Apron created this superb Autumn Crunch Salad.

Grilled Eggplant with Garlic-Cumin Vinaigrette, Feta & Herbs

This was the unusual I was looking for. Some fresh different flavors to contrast against the turkey and gravy. I used the long eggplants rather than the round black ones. everyone enjoyed this. The mint added a great dimension and work well with the other dishes.

I found this on Arabic food Blogspot  – Grilled eggplant with garlic cumin vinaigrette

Greek Ribs

These were a huge hit. I did two slabs, just enough for everyone to have a couple of ribs. Once again a nice contrast to the sweet richness of the turkey and stuffing. Laureen at Art in the Kitchen did a great job with these Greek Ribs

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

This is a terrific change up from the old mashed sweet potatoes dishes. Hasselback is thinly sliced but not all the way through and then fanned a little. They are a little crispy and the sugar of the sweet potato caramelized a little. My addition was the President’s Choice Chipotle sauce for a little more smoky flavor. Alyssa at My Sequined Life shared these Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

I didn’t forget dessert with my Thanksgiving recipe ideas. I did a version of this Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie Ice cream recipe from Happy Food Healthy Life. I left out the almond milk and nuts as one of my guests has nut allergies. I crumbled up ginger snaps and sprinkled the ice cream with them. Very refreshing and a nice twist on the traditional pie.
I hope you enjoyed my Thanksgiving recipe ideas and will try some new things with your family and friends.

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31 Replies to “Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas – Different and Delicious”

    1. I'm further north on the flakey coast in Vancouver. Originally from Chicago so we are both on the run from the winters back east.
  1. Fabulous recipe ideas Gillie. It's my first time celebrating Thanksgiving this year (I'm English but have American family) so i'll have to try that Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream :)
  2. I just got married and this is my very first time being responsible for any of the fixings so this came in at the right time. I'm 100% down for that pumpkin pie ice cream, that's new to me but it sounds delicious, thank for you sharing this (you might have just saved me!).
  3. I like how you decided to switch it up from the traditional meal. Traditions can be good, but sometimes it's also good to take a risk and mix it up. That Autumn Crunch Pasta Salad sounds amazing! I may have to include that on the menu for our Thanksgiving dinner!
  4. Yea, is it wrong that I just had dinner and now I want turkey, stuffing and these hasselback sweet potatoes, lol. It’s great that you did a shout out to fellow bloggers recipes in this post! These recipes sound amazing! 💕
    1. I know the feeling. When I start reading food blogs I get hungry. I love all the creative bloggers and just had to share them.
  5. Can I just say that you had me at the second recipe? Cause you did :) I don't eat meat or dairy so usually its kind of tricky, but grilled eggplant is the best thing that there is <3 so tasty! I never had it with the seasoning you used, but I think I can give vinaigrette a try ;)
  6. I'm always looking for new ways to enjoy sweet potatoes and the Hasselback Sweet Potatoes look so good. This might be one new recipe I try this year. Camille
  7. All of them look so delicious but I specially liked the PUMPKIN PIE ICE CREAM!!! and its dairy free!!!! thanks! xoxo, Pilar
  8. I never thought about ribs for Thanksgiving but that sounds pretty delicious. The eggplant dish sounds like a crowd-pleaser too. I'm ready for some Thanksgiving food now haha! :-)
  9. These sound mouth-watering! I'm Canadian so I've already celebrated, but I am SO jealous you get to celebrate twice. Nothing better than a delicious turkey dinner surrounded by love & family!

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