Refreshing Summer Beverage,
Summer relaxation ready!

I sold my house in December 2017. One of the things I was sorry to leave was my backyard and beautiful deck shaded by a big maple tree. Fortunately, I found a townhouse with a super patio that backs on to a forested area. I recently had the natural gas line hooked up for my BBQ, and I am all set for summer relaxation. Let’s face it; with the price of gas, backyard retreats are the way to go these days. Beverages for my relaxing afternoons, after fearless DIYing is done,  are a must. Until a couple of weeks ago, I was NOT a drinker of coolers. The ones I have tasted were all far too sweet for me. A refreshing summer cooler is a gin and tonic or a gin gimlet. Mame Dennis (Roseland Russels’ character) had it right. “Gin? I adore it!” I have, recently, encountered some refreshing summer coolers that are not too sweet. I plan on sharing my favorites over the summer with you, my fabulous readers.

The flamboyant and extremely knowledgeable Dana Gunn from Tobys North Shore Liquor store introduced me to several yummy, refreshing coolers. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

The first refreshing summer cooler I am sharing is Black Fly’s Gin Soda Fizz in Grapefruit.

Refreshing Summer Beverage,

A refreshing summer Cooler pink enough to satisfy the girliest girl and dry enough to be very fresh.

The grapefruit is not too tart and does not overpower the gin. 6% alcohol and it even says “highly refreshing” on the label!

Refreshing Summer Beverage,

Black Fly is a Canadian Company with the tagline
You can’t go wrong!

For all you Vancouver locals: Dana and Tobys North Shore will be pouring several Black Fly mixes Saturday, June 9.

Tobys North Shore is located on the corner of Main street and Mountain Highway, North Vancouver BC. 1520 Barrow Street.

Go and try something new.

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Refreshing Summer Cooler, #summerdrink #backyardretreat #blackfly #summerbeverage #ginfizz #grapefruitdrink

Refreshing Summer Cooler, #summerdrink #backyardretreat #blackfly #summerbeverage #ginfizz #grapefruitdrink

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