More fun making my new home really MY new home with an inexpensive powder room makeover. 

My townhouse has a little powder room on the first floor. The color was definitely not my style but it had an intriguing sink and vanity. In fact, the vanity really felt like it went with what I hoped to achieve in my new place. The buttercup yellow walls were another matter. 

The rest of the house is a soft greyed white with purple undertones. I thought it would be fun to have the powder room be a rich, decadent room – sort of a surprise from the cool lightness of the rest of the house. 

First I looked at some beautiful wallpaper. It was very expensive! This needed to be an inexpensive powder room makeover! So I cogitated and let my brain work on the problem. One day I was in my basement work area getting things organized and I came across the roll of textured wallpaper I had used in my old place to decorate the stair risers. This kind of paper is called anaglypta or lincrusta.

Light bulb moment!

Textured wallpaper with some paint would give the rich look I wanted for my powder room. The paper I wanted is supposed to be available at Home Depot but I went to two who’s websites said they had stock but they didn’t so I ordered it off of Amazon for $26 per roll. The bathroom took three rolls. 

inexpensive powder room makeover,

The textured wallpaper is not vinyl so it can be tricky to work with but it just takes a little patience. The was prepasted so you soak it and book it like any prepasted wallpaper. It is a little more fragile than vinyl paper. 

Inexpensive Powder room makeover,

Don’t assume that your walls are square. Even in that tiny room I had to make 2 adjustments to keep the paper square. The last wall, behind the door turned out to be a problem as it was slightly curved as well as not square. 

inexpensive powder room makeove,

I chose a smokey purple in the same color group as the greyed white in the other rooms. It took two generous coats but only one gallon of paint. 

The reveal of the inexpensive powder room makeover.

The final touch was suggested by my designer. I put a pearly glaze over the deep smokey purple. I couldn’t get that to photograph so you’ll have to use your imaginations. I love it.

At last, I found a home for my Sid Dickens blocks. Don’t they look great against that rich background? 

Inexpensive powder room makeover,
inexpensive powder room makeover,

The total cost (wallpaper, paint, glaze, rollers, and brush) was under $150. It took me 3 days over 2 weeks so things could dry. 

I am delighted with the results. The Vanity now works in the space and I have my decadent little room that makes me want to sing Queen’s “Killer Queen” when I walk in. 

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10 Replies to “Inexpensive Powder Room Makeover”

  1. I absolutely love this! The walls look beautiful and I am in love with that vanity! It looks amazing! The crystal knobs were a very nice touch as well! I wish there was a before picture so I could compare the two!
  2. That is so creative! I would never have thought to paint over a textured wallpaper to get the design you want but in a better color! I may have to use this one day!
  3. Haha! So true about not assuming your walls are straight! This looks really beautiful! Nice work!
  4. We are in the process of redoing on of our powder rooms and love seeing pictures like these to get good ideas. The painting over textured wallpaper is such a great idea btw!

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