I recently had an upper eyelid blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery. I am sharing my experience so that people considering eyelid lift surgery might get more information to help them with their choice. To make this honest and accurate I have had to forgo my dislike of having my picture taken, taking selfies, and being seen without makeup. So prepare yourselves!!

Blepharoplasty eyelid lift, www.moderngillie.com
with and without makeup

Why did I decide to have eyelid lift surgery?

I have always had fullness above my eyes. These puffy pierogies were unlovable, but I inherited them from my dad so it would be churlish to not try and live with them. As long as they stayed where they were, I would let them be. About eighteen months ago these pierogies seemed to slip down and were resting on my eyelids. I don’t know if it was because the knee replacement removed a huge inflammation generating portion of my anatomy or, you know, Age dahling.

Blepharoplasty EEyelid lift urgery, www.moderngillie.com

In their declined position it felt as if the pierogis were pressing on my eyeballs. The right side was so droopy that, at times, I felt I could see part of it in my peripheral vision. As well as uncomfortable the drooping pierogies were simply not a youthful look. I thought about it for a while. Was I being Vain? Hell yeah! And that’s OK! I don’t mind what other people think, but I wasn’t happy with what I was seeing and experiencing with these bloody eyelids.

How did I choose Dr. Buonassisi and 8 West Clinic?

How does one go about choosing a plastic surgeon to deal with drooping pierogies? In Canada this is most often a private procedure. Very rarely is it covered by the provincial medical plan. I started with the rateMDs website. After reading a lot of reviews for local plastic surgeons, I chose three to look into further. I went to their websites and read their reviews and looked at the before and after photos. I didn’t look only at the eyelid lift results but other procedures also. What I wanted to see were results that looked normal, appropriate (no cute button noses on a face that is all planes and angles)  and not overdone. I chose to start with Dr. Thomas Buonassisi at his 8 West Clinic at Broadway and Burrard in Vancouver. I was impressed with how good his patients looked in their after photos, the reviews on the rate MDs indicated that he prepared his patients well for the process and results. Also, his office staff got rave reviews. It was a bonus that he went to McGill, my alma mater, so I knew what kind of medical training he had.

My consultation with Dr. Buonassisi was everything I had hoped for. He was very concerned that my expectations were realistic and explained clearly what the process would entail. After meeting with him, I had another excellent meeting with his office manager, Katie, where she gave me more details. Katie revealed that Dr. Buonassisi had done her eyelids several years before and I was able to inspect the work up close. The scars were invisible and her eyes looked great.

I was in! One eyelid lift surgery for me!

What did I hope to achieve?

 I wanted me only better. I didn’t expect to look younger or thinner or end up with deep sockets like Angelina Jolie. I wanted less droopy eyes and eyes that looked open without me having to raise my eyebrows.

The clinic kept in touch, making sure I did the consent forms and answered my questions and concerns. We had decided that I didn’t need Ativan during the procedure, but I still arranged to have my son pick me up, because who wants to go home in a taxi.

The day before I went in for the procedure I spoke to Katie about sharing the experience on my blog. The clinic’s media manager, Angie Buonassisi, got back to me, and we, very enthusiastically, agreed to collaborate. We planned some photos and video with a little interview that we could both use. Many of the pictures and video are courtesy of 8 West Cosmetic Surgery. You can see some on their IG @8westcosmetic. Full disclosure; for my participation in this collaborative effort I have been given some credits to use at the clinic for future treatment but my research, opinions, and statements are all my own and unscripted. 

Blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery, www.moderngillie.com
Katie and I chatting before the interview. Two gorgeous redheads charming the camera
Blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery, www.moderngillie.com
Dr. Buonassisi reviews the surgery plan with me.
Blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery, www.moderngillie.com
Marking the incision lines
Blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery, www.moderngillie.com
The Worst cateyes ever!! Happily, Dr. B does not do the makeup lessons.

The blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery was very quick.

It seemed to take longer for the numbing to take effect than for Dr. B to do the cutting and stitching. The cuts felt like someone lightly drawing a pen over my lids. There were a couple of instances that involved pressing a bit on my eyeball which was a little uncomfortable. I was nervous, of course, but the only time I felt at all anxious was during the stitching of the incision edges on my left eye. The one they did first. I don’t know why as I was not consciously more concerned but my heart rate went up and I felt a bit shaky.  As I knew what to expect this didn’t happen with the second eye.  Throughout the whole procedure, Dr. B and his staff were very attentive and reassuring.

Blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery, www.moderngillie.com
This is moments after the last stitch went in. Already an improvement!!

Below is a short video of some of my interview and the procedure. WARNING! There are a couple of gory moments when Dr. B makes the incisions.



See highlights of Dr. Buonassisi and eyelid lift surgery performed on our lovely patient @moderngillie a few days ago. We will be following Gillian’s progress and posting updates! Upper eyelid blepharoplasty removes extra skin and fat, creating a more youthful and rested appearance. Gillian you are a sweetheart! It is a pleasure to have you. #looklikeyouonlybetter #uppereyelidblepharoplasty #blepharoplasty #blepharoplastysurgeon #blepharoplastysurgery #vancouvercosmerticsurgeon #faceliftsurgeryvancouver #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeryvancouver #eyelidliftsurgery #eyelidliftsurgeryvancouver #drbuonassisi #blepharoplastyvancouver #eyelidsurgeryvancouver #facialplasticsurgery #bestplasticsurgeonvancouver #8westclinic #facialplasticsurgeon

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The post surgery results are coming up in another post. I am so excited to share the results and all the fun things 8 West Clinic has to offer. 

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Click this link for Part two Post Blepharoplasty. Eyelid Lift Surgery Recovery 

20 Replies to “Blepharoplasty or Gillie gets eyelid lift surgery.”

  1. It's a very interesting topic and you've talked in great detail. I wanted to watch the video but given your warning I know I wouldn't be able to handle it haha. Looking forward to your next post to check out the results :)
  2. The most important thing is to be satisfied with oneself! Hope you like the effects of this surgery. If in 20 years I see a need to undergo an eyelid lifting surgery, I'll be more confident to try it out. :) I'm from Poland and pierogi are our national treats! :)
  3. I would never have thought all of this would be so in-depth but there's a lot to consider and think about when you want a procedure like this done!
    1. That's great! I have a friend who "did her eyes" in her 20s and she said it was the best decision she has made. Not an easy decision I think.
  4. I have noticed some of the same puffiness above my eyes that you talk about. I have not considered surgery but this facility sounds like a great place to go to for such work. I hope everything heals well and the results are as you expected! A friend of mine had this done because she literally couldn't see the extra skin got to be too much.
  5. First, I would like to say I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery. I can't wait to see your results. Are you happy with what you see. Surgery is always a difficult decision to make. Are you taking time off from work or is it needed.
    1. They recommend 2 weeks off it I think you could get away with one as long as you are not self conscious about the incisions and some swelling. Definitely the first 4 days one has to rest use cold to help with the swelling.
  6. My wife has puffy eye lids too. She has been considering this surgery. Your results look good. I'm going to pass this post on to her to look over. Glad you included the video for her to watch too.
  7. I can't wait to see the before and after comparison. I can already see in the last photo that the change is significant. I'm very supportive of plastic surgery when used without exaggeration and to help women feel beautiful and most importantly, comfortable. A surgeon told me a few years ago that I would eventually have to get this done too but it sure is scary to get under the knife. :p
  8. Thank you for sharing your story. I did not know that the eyelift procedure is so quick and does not hurt much. Definitely helpful for people who want to do the same process.
  9. I got about 10 seconds into the video before I had to turn it off. I don't know if I can ever see myself getting a surgery like this, but I think it's amazing the option is always there for people. I think picking the right doctor is so important in this whole thing, that you should totally shop around before you just pick just anyone.
  10. Wow. That’s awesome you took the necessary steps and actually did it. I’m always a little nervous when it comes to the eye area. I applaud you.
    1. Good question!! It should come up as a related post but it’s not. There is a link at the bottom of the page, below the pin.

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